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The Six Essential Nutrients

What Are The Six Essential Nutrients?

An essential nutrient is something that the body requires from our diet. Our body cannot function to it's highest standard if the nutrients are not there. There are six of these nutrients and they are called The Six Essential Nutrients.

Carbohydrates- This nutrient is a major source of energy. It should make up about 60% of our diet. There are two different types of carbohydrate; simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are full of sugar, such as chocolate or soft drink. Complex carbohydrates are starches, such as bread or vegetables.

Protein: This nutrient is very important when it comes to body tissue growth and repair. It is extremely important in children and adolescents as the body is constantly growing. This nutrient can be found in eggs, cheese, meat and nuts.

Fats: There are two different types of fats, saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats can be found in butter and cream. Unsaturated fats can be found in avocado and nuts. Both of these fats provide the body with energy, buoyancy and insulation.

Vitamins: There are 13 different vitamins that we have. Vitamins help our metabolism to break down all of the other nutrients and get out all of the good things that we need. Many different vitamins can be found in fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat.

Minerals: This nutrient is vital for our body. The two most important minerals are calcium and iron. Calcium makes our bones strong and it is also quite important whilst growing. Iron does a very important job, it helps in the process of making red blood cells, which carry oxygen around our body.

Water: This is also an extremly important nutrient. It helps us do many things, like keep our skin clear, flush our body and also keep away headaches. It also helps to keep our body at a stable temperature. Besides drinking water, it can also be found in some fruits and vegetables.

My Lunch!

My Food Choices

  • Berry Yoghurt: The main nutrient is minerals, and the main mineral is calcium.
  • Morocan Cous-Cous: The main nutrient is carbohydrate.
  • Chicken Salad: There are many different nutrients in this component, but there are two main ones. The first main one is protein. The chicken is steamed and filled with protein. The second main nutrient is vitamins. The salad is full of vitamins because of the various vegetables such as tomato.
  • Mandarin: The main nutrient is vitamins and the main vitamin found is Vitamin C.
  • Square of Chocolate: The main nutrient is fat, and this type is saturated fat.
  • Water: The main nutrient is obviously water!
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Why Did I Choose This Meal?

I have chosen to make this lunchbox for the reasons (listed in order of importance).

Preparation Time: This lunchbox is quite quick and easy to make. It is suitable for any parent or student packing a lunchbox before school. All together it took about 20 minutes to prepare. It is a lot more nutritious then a lunch from the canteen.

Resources: I decided to make this lunch as it contains things that we usually have during the week. The chicken used in the salad is left over from the previous nights dinner. The yoghurt in the fridge is there for breakfast and dessert. The vegetables and fruit are always there, and finally the chocolate was a special treat!

Peers Judgement: I would consider most of this lunchbox to be normal. Many different things that students enjoy, will not bring them to school as the group that they are sitting with will judge and make fun of there food. For example, if somebody brings a tofu and chicken feet salad to school, students would mock the other student. All of us are influenced by what everybody else brings.