Your Usborne Books & More Party

Your Guide for a Great Party!

Find all the ideas and information you need here to make your party a success! The more successful the party, the more FREE books for you! Use this guide to plan and prepare for your upcoming event.

Current Specials

Hostess Rewards

Each month we offer a different special for additional free books based on the sales of a qualifying party of $85 or more. Check out the amazing special for this month!

Customer Specials

For every $40 your guests spend, he or she can choose up to three of these deeply discounted titles. Any combination of those listed can be selected. These are a steal!

Party Planning

DOs and DON'Ts of Facebook Parties

- DO NOT invite all of your Facebook friends.

- DO invite 20-50 friends you think will love some new books.

- DO NOT invite everyone on your guest list right away.

- DO start out by inviting 5-10 friends who will likely RSVP to attend. Monitor your responses to make sure your “going” number is not far from “invited.”

- DO NOT send a group message to your invitees

- DO send an individual, private message to EVERY person you invite.


Sample message: Hi Friend! I’m having an Usborne Books & More online party and would love for you to attend! They publish baby books to young adult novels, and I think your kids would love them! There will be lots of fun posts and games about all they have to offer, and you can enjoy the party all from your computer or smartphone. Would you like an invite to the Facebook event?

New Consultant Kit

Have you ever thought of doing something like this yourself? Would you enjoy getting paid to have book parties and promote literacy? Consider becoming a consultant! You get a lifetime discount on books and there are NO sales requirements. Sign up for as little as $25 and start filling the shelves of your home library!

Thank you for hosting!

I'm looking forward to helping you get our award-winning books into the hands of the kids you love! Thank you for supporting my business and please contact me any time with questions!