River Oak Third Graders

We are 1/2 way through the first quarter!

Meet the newest River Oak third grader! Landen Clark

The Kadow family has a new addition! We are so thrilled that they chose to introduce Landen to the River Oak third grade class! He has fit in well and seems to enjoy making new friends! We are so happy to have him as the 13th member of our class!
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And NOW we are 13!

Third graders get creative with an empty playground!

First States Test is next Thursday!

We are working on the first 9 states. The class seems very excited to start this new adventure. We are learning a new song that will also teach us the 50 states in alphabetical order. It's a catchy tune and several have already said they are learning it and "getting it stuck in their heads." (A teacher's dream!)

Calling All Grandparents!

Be sure to watch the school website for all the specifics of Grandparent's day! It should be a fun day for all!

Buddy Backpacks!! (See note below about change of time)

Next Tuesday we will be heading to the food bank to pack food for those less fortunate than ourselves. This is an opportunity for the kids to do a service project for other kids! I love being able to share and talk with them about what they are doing to serve. It has always proven to be a great learning experience for our school, and I look forward to sharing it with them. We have plenty of drivers and will be leaving the school at 9:00. We should return by 10:30. We will be joining the 4th graders for this project.

Let's Win a Central Dairy Ice Cream Trip!!

This teacher likes ice cream and Central Dairy Ice Cream is on the top of the list! PLEASE have your child work on getting a few (or MORE!) pledges for our annual walk a thon! We need everyone in the class to have AT LEAST one donation so that we can have 100% participation to win the ice cream party!! Let's Do This!!!

First graders enjoy our English assignment of "Writing the Directions to a Game."

After writing the directions to a game in English, we thought it might be a fun activity to actually play the game with the first graders. They enjoyed the "paragraph reading," with instructions, and then going outside and playing the game! Shoe Scramble was a hit! Who knew writing could be so much fun!


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The kids have 4 different tests in their Friday papers that need to be signed and returned on Monday.


Our Buddy Backpack field trip will be moved to 9:30 instead of 9:00. The 4th graders have orchestra on Tuesday morning till 9:15.