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January/February 2017 Issue

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Presidents' Day & Midterms Hours

Quiet Study & Study Rooms


Ed Tech Corner--Quality Matters

To all our returning students, welcome back to school. To all the new students, welcome to campus for our winter trimester.

Please take a moment to read about upcoming issues of relevance in the library. For instance, while there may not be classes on February 20th/Presidents' Day, the library will be open special Hours because of midterms. We also will start our early opening on Tuesday, February 21st.

Be sure to check out the Archives display and video for this winter. Who knew there was so much chiropractic-related music? See if you find it as hard as I do to get the "Chiro-My Miracle Man" song out of my head.

Finally, as faculty move more course content online, it's a good idea to pay attention to accessibility. If not for now--for the future. You can find more information in the Ed Tech Corner.

Homecoming, Holidays and Hours for Midterms

The library will be open regular hours during Homecoming.

February 20th-Presidents' Day:

The library will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Midterms-Tuesday Feb. 21st-Tuesday Feb. 28th

The library will open at 7:00 a.m. on weekdays and close at the regular time.

Weekend hours will remain the same.

Study Rooms

Just a reminder...

The library has the acoustics of a cathedral. Conversations held at a "normal voice" level get amplified. This is especially true when more and more people enter the space.

This is your periodical reminder to watch your voice level even if you don't think you're being loud.

Study rooms may be signed out for 2 hours/person. We also have noise cancelling headphones and earplugs to help with the noise.

Music and Chiropractic

Music and chiropractic have had a long association. Music draws the listener's attention, and adroit marketers like B.J. Palmer, son of chiropractic founder D.D. Palmer, used it to their advantage. B.J. started a well-received radio station out of the Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1922, using it to reach listeners around the world. Solon Langworthy was depicting vertebrae as "keys" to be "played" by chiropractors in the early 1900s. Popular songs have been written about chiropractors (like "Chiro - My Miracle Man," seen in the photo here and video below), and some chiropractic schools have their own songs - including the Northwestern College of Chiropractic Hymn, featured in this month's exhibition.

-Monica Howell

Chiro- My Miracle Man


Accessibility is a necessary but often overlooked topic when creating online or Moodle content. It's easy to focus on creating online content which appeals to us but forget about both the stated and unstated needs of our students. Some may be using screen readers and it's important to label and tag graphics or links. Others may be color blind making "fun" colors difficult to see. Others may need or want captions on videos and discover the automatic captions, provided by YouTube, to be poorly done.


  1. Use captions for videos whenever possible. If posting to Youtube, you can upload a transcript and match it to your video. If there is no way to caption a video, or if you're uploading an audio file, be sure to include a transcript students can read.
  2. Use Microsoft Office templates and styles so screen readers can tell how a document is laid out. (Headings 1, 2, 3...etc.)
  3. Make sure your PDFs aren't image based so screen readers can read them. If you click inside of a PDF and all of the text is selected, the PDF is image based. If a cursor appears, then it is text based. Saving as a PDF from a Word or PowerPoint document you created should create a text based PDF. Scanning a document creates an image based PDF.
  4. Make sure you utilize html or tagging/title options to label images and links. This not only applies to web pages and/or Moodle pages but this should also be done within Word or PowerPoint documents. When saved as a PDF, these tags should transfer with the conversion.
  5. When using color, make sure there is enough contrast for any text to be legible. Please see other color tips here.
  6. Embrace white spaces.

You can find more accessibility tips here, here and here.

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