1.1 Classroom News!!!!

From Ms. Jordan Week of 11-4-13


*The holidays are coming up. However, next week we have a FULL week of school. After that we have one week with 3 days and one week with 4 days. I understand if you are going somewhere but please try to have your child come to school.

*We are getting a new student in our class! More information will be coming soon about our new student when she begins next week!

*I have had some students tell me they have brought their IPADs and other expensive electronics to school. This worries me because the school is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. It has not become a problem in my classroom, but the students do leave the electronics in their backpacks because they are not permitted in the classroom and their backpacks are left outside the room. The best rule to follow is if you are worried about something happening to it, then do not send it to school.

*The new lunch system is in place. I ate lunch in the cafeteria with the students on Monday and it seemed like it was going very well! Everyone had a balanced lunch and one of the students turned to me and said "This lunch is delicious!" If you would like to purchase a pre-paid meal plan for the next semester contact the elementary office. They can give you more information!

*I sent an email today with your child's individualized MAP goals based on what they scored on the MAP test and what their weakest area was. I am hoping to have those printed out, laminated, and explained to your kids sometime next week. If you have any questions about the goal feel free to email me.

*Please send a healthy snack with your child every day.

*Homework packets are due on Friday. However, I have had some parents communicate to me that it is difficult for their child to finish it by Friday. Therefore, feel free to turn the homework packet in the FOLLOWING MONDAY if you feel your child needs more time. There is no late penalty for homework. At the end of the day, I just want your child getting the extra practice.

*Please make sure your child brings their library books back to school by Friday of each week or they WILL NOT be able to check out a new library book on Friday.

*Also, make sure students return the books they take home from our classroom library. Some of these books are my library books and I want to make sure they get to back to the right place. Also, some of our class books we have made have been lost! Please remind your child to take very good care of the books they bring home, especially class books. They are priceless because they are YOUR child's work! I cannot simply replace them.

*LAST REMINDER! If your child is taking a different bus than usual or you are picking your child up, please contact the elementary office. I CANNOT send your child to a different location without a note from the office. THANK YOU!

Swimming Lessons!

From November 6 to the end of the year your classes will have their swim unit for PE. They will swim during their regular PE block.

Students need to be walked down by the TA to the pool. If the weather is ugly/raining/thunder, THE CLASS IS NOT CANCELLED, the PE teacher will have a backup plan out of the water. Never think you need to keep your students in the classroom because it’s raining

Girls can come with their bathing suit under their PE uniform in the morning if they want to. But after they must change into dry underwear. Boys come in PE and change their shorts. Everybody needs a swim cap!! We don’t have any to lend, no swim cap = no swim… Info will be sent out today to parents and next Friday as well

For the younger grades, 1 and 2 we ask for support from the TA to help in the lockers before and after class. Many students simply don’t have the skill to dress/undress/put on sock etc. This is a skill they need to learn.

Here is all the information about swimming! We begin swimming in PE on Wednesday! Please let me know if you have any questions about swimming classes and I can forward your questions to the gym teacher.

Targets for Next Week (Our Goals):

Dear Parents,

Due to it being a short week next week and many students being gone we are using next week as a review. That is why are targets are exactly the same as last week.

These goals are based on the Common Core Standards, and have been

written in 1st

grade friendly language. The expectation is that each student

will reach the following goals by the end of the unit.

Literacy: Life lessons

Oral Language/Listening Skills

I can understand when to use correct capitalization, spelling, and

punctuation in writing.


I can explain major differences between books that tell stories and

books that give information (fiction and non-fiction.)

I can read and comprehend good fit books with fluency and accuracy.


I can write narratives in the correct order.

I can write a sentence with a noun and a verb.

Math: Unit 3

I can understand/read a graph and use the data shown in a graph.

I can understand frames and arrows problems.

I can understand how to use dominoes to create and solve addition problems.

Social Studies: Society and Identity

I can distinguish between wants and needs.

I can distinguish between goods and services.

Words, Words, Words, Oh My!

These vocabulary words and popcorn words are a review from last week due to the shortened week.


These are the words your child will be learning in school this week. Any additional

exposure to these words at home will help your child have a better understanding of

their meaning.

Students should be familiar with these words, but they are not for the spelling test.

singular nouns

plural nouns





dollar and cents notation










sequence of events

Social Studies





Popcorn Words:











Coming Soon!!!

*Personalized goals based on students MAP results introduced to your children and used throughout the school day/year.

*Parent RenWeb where I will put the links to ALL my newsletters in case you want to look at old ones

*More effective way of teaching spelling

*We will soon be starting an animal unit that has an at-home project component. More details on that will be coming soon. Look for the information sent to you through email in a letter.

*Today we had 6th graders come in to read with us and interview us about what books we like to read. This a joint project with a 6th grade teacher colleague of mine. This means that her students will be writing children's books for my students which they will get to read, keep at school, and then bring home at the end of the year. So in this coming soon portion, what is coming soon is a book written for your child!

Keep looking for the Coming Soon! portion to see what else will be implemented in your child's classroom in the following months!

Home Fun!!!!

The home fun this week is having a wonderful long weekend with your family! Safe traveling! As always make sure to contact me if you need anything! My email is jrjordan@isp.edu.pa. Thank you for the support! Have a great week!


Julie Jordan