My Leadership Experience

Sarah Coleman

My Timeline

  • 5th Grade- First time I was exposed to a competitive team environment (UIL)
  • 5th Grade- GT and DI competition
  • 8th Grade- Joined High School marching band
  • 9th Grade- Decided to run for band leadership
  • 10th Grade- Elected band leadership
  • 11th Grade- Re-elected band president, ran for NHS and Poetry Society leadership
  • 12th Grade- Elected leadership for band, NHS, and Poetry Society
  • Graduated- First job, management

Quotes From Intro to Leadership

"...all of us maintain certain basic beliefs and assumptions about human nature and work that form our leadership philosophy."

Northouse, Peter G. Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice. Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2009. 3rd ed. 88. Print.

"It is important to note that these styles of leadership are not distinct entities; it is best to think of them as occurring along a continuum..."

Northouse, Peter G. Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice. Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2009. 3rd ed. 94. Print.

My Insight

Over the years I have learned of the many ways one can become, and grow as a leader. As I continue my journey of being a leader I will strive to become the best and most effective leader I can be. I will use what I have learned in the past to become a better leader in the future. In addition, what I have read in the leadership book can be applied to what I learned over the years and also what I will learn in the future.

The earliest, most relevant team experience I can remember is when I was accepted into the Gifted and Talented program at my elementary school. This environment stands out in my memory because of the way my class had to work together to solve more complex problems than other students my age were faced with. I now can understand a way that we were able to do this was by using and engaging each other's strengths. This is a concept found in the intro to leadership book.

Another notable experience that shaped my view of teamwork and leadership was joining my high school marching band. This was a different sort of teamwork than that of what I had experienced prior. The high school band had set, peer elected leaders. I became inspired to become a leader in that organization because of the service the leaders I met performed on a regular basis. Their type of leadership was leading by example while also using relational leadership. These concepts I would go on to use in my own leadership style. Looking back reflectively, I have found these to be concepts also provided in the introduction to leadership book. I believe these using these concepts to the best of my ability will help me to become a more effective leader in the future.

I have made the connection between what concepts and attributes make a great leader from what I have observed and what I have read in the book. I believe what I have experienced in my life added to what I am learning will help me become a better leader in the future. This will in turn help me build and actively be a part of a great team.


How can I used what I have learned in my leadership experience to make me become a better leader?

How can I accurately evaluate my leadership and progress as a leader?

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