Norfolk Junior High

By Abby Mrsny

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Nursery Rhyme

Humpty Dumpty Falls off Five Foot Wall!

News Flash!! Humpty Dumpty Jr. Jones and fellow Giants and Royals fans were just watching the World Series, when all of a sudden Humpty Dumpty Jr. Jones fell off the five foot wall in San Francisco at the World Series and he broke into a million pieces. Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall at 5:30 at night, while watching the World Series, and plunged into the San Francisco Bay. Humpty Dumpty was trying to catch a home run ball hit by a Giants player. Then all the Giants and Royals fans saw him fall, but kept on watching their favorite game of the season. Then the fellow janitors cleaned up the broken pieces in the bay, so the boats did not sail over all the broken pieces. The janitors pieced Humpty Dumpty back together and Humpty Dumpty Jr. Jones went on still cheering for the Royals for the whole World Series

Feature Story

Watch out, Mo’ne Davis is coming in with a pitch! Mo’ne Davis was born in 2001 in South Philadelphia. Mo’ne Davis’s parents are Lamar Davis and Lakeisha Mclean, but she has lived with her mother and her stepfather, Mark Williams, since the age of six. Mo’ne is not only a baseball player, she also is a honor roll student at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia. Mo’ne Davis’s coach discovered her while she was playing football with her cousins. Mo’ne Davis was the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series. She became the first girl to throw a shutout. Mo’ne Davis throws 70 miles per hour on her fastball. She was the sixth girl to get a hit in the Little League World Series. Davis said, “I never thought at the age of 13 I’d be a role model, but being a baseball role model is really cool.” Mo’ne Davis was awarded “The 25 Most Influential Teens in 2014.” She was awarded this by ESPN. Mo’ne Davis wants to play basketball for the University of Connecticut more than playing baseball. Mo’ne Davis is a great inspiration to other girls around the world .

Favorite App or Video Game

Pin Pin Pinterest

Pinterest is my favorite app, because you can pin stuff for free and it does not cost anything. The founders of Pinterest are Paul Sciarra, Even Sharp, and Ben Silbermann. Pinterest was launched in March 2010 so four years ago. The point of Pinterest is to save Pins that you Pinned and look back at it later and make a recipe or make a DIY you pinned. In Pinterest, you can not only browse it, you can follow people. Pinterest is free on the app store right now. So if you find a pin you like, you click on it and you click on the button “Pin It” and put it in the categories that fits it. On Pinterest you can search up anything that you want to search. In February 2013, Pinterest had 48.7 million users worldwide. Pinterest is my favorite app that I like to use.

Movie Review

Are you into action, adventure, and Sci-Fi? Then Divergent is a movie for you. Tris has the decision to stay in her faction which is Abnegation or go into a new faction. H er choices are Dauntless, Candor, Amity, Erudite, and Abnegation. Tris surprises everybody and goes with Dauntless. Then she finds out that she shouldn't have picked that one; she finds out that she is Divergent. If she shows any signs of being Divergent, the head people will kill her. If you pick Dauntless you have to go through tough training and if you dont make it above the red line, you become factionless and you’re cut from Dauntless. The red line means that your instructor will have a close look on you throughout your training time. Tris ends up falling in love with her Dauntless instructor Four. Little does she know that she is getting herself in trouble at the end of the movie.
DIVERGENT - Movie Clip #5: First Jumper (Official)
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Abby Mrsny was recognized as an outstanding and respectful student in the Norfolk district for the past 18 years. Abby attended high school at Norfolk High and she attended volleyball and orchestra. After Abby graduated from high school, she went to college at the University of Nebraska. Abby got her Bachelor's degree in nursing. She has always loved to travel with her husband and their two children. Her very first job was working at Starbucks at her local mall. Abby agreed that she will not be working as a nurse when she turns 40, she will work at a local boutique. Abby has thought at the age of 40 she will look short and skinny. Abby intends to live in New York City when she is older. For the last ten years, Abby has worked at her local hospital. Her hobbies have been running and making her own garden. Her plans for her future are to be successful in life. Abby said that she will change her career when she gets older. She really wants to travel to England when she gets older. We hope to hear what happens to Abby Mrsny in upcoming years of her life.