Redeemer Youth Newsletter

April 5, 2016

Wednesday Night: Remedy

This Wednesday

6:15 - 8:15

We will be going over Romans 15: 1-13, please read beforehand.

For dinner we will have Italian beef sandwiches!

The Landing

This Sunday

We will be reviewing March's Memory Verse (Psalm 119:10-12, so be ready. Also, teams will get extra points for being able to recite February's memory verse (2 Tim. 3:16-17) as well.

We will go back into service to celebrate with those who are being baptized.

Scripture Memory Verse

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Men's Campout, April 22-23 Update

The campout will be at Black Creek campground just north of Decatur. The cost will be $10 to cover food and camp fees.

Please pay by April 17

For those that want to, we will be going straight to the shootout from the campground on Saturday.

Please email me, to let me know if you are interested in going.

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Youth Calendar, See what's coming up!

  • 4/6 Remedy
  • 4/10 The Landing
  • 4/13 Remedy
  • 4/20 Remedy
  • 4/22-23 Men's Campout/Shootout
  • 4/24 The Landing
  • 4/27 Remedy
  • 5/1 Game Night
  • 5/4 Remedy
  • 5/8 The Landing
  • 5/11 Remedy
  • 5/18 Remedy
  • 5/22 The Landing
  • 5/25 Remedy
  • 6/1 Remedy
  • 6/5 Welcome Incoming 6th Grade