just the best king out here #thebes


i am king creon and the ruler of thebes and everyone should obey me because everything i do is right. i am the only one that everyone should listen to. i do what i want because i am royal #creonordie married to my beautiful wife and have 4 sons and 3 daughters
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post from hitler

h: hey buddy we have to link up very soon have very excellent planning that we can discuss see you soon

c: yes indeed my good friend

post from haemon

dad what you are doing is so unfair. one day you will repay for this !!!!!

c: oh shut your mouth boy there are plenty of fish in the sea and she is not the only one in the world. get over it she disobeyed my law and she has to face consequences

h:you will get yours in the name of zeus !

post from ismene

why are you friends with people those poeple ?

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this is my page and i am friends with whom ever i want to be friends with if you dont like it then dont follow me because this has nothing to do with you.
i am the king what does people not understand ?? i do what i want i am the ruler and no one will EVER tell me what to do , not aslong as im in charge
why would someone disobey my law , and just because its oomf does not mean that i am going to let her off . you did the crime you pay the time