Cute For A Cause...Here We Go Again

Treating Yourself Never Felt Better

Do you like a challenge?

As many of you know I love a good challenge...especially when it is tied to a good deed.

What if I told you that Orange County, CA has one of the highest rates per capita of homeless children in the U.S.? In fact, 70% of the homeless in O.C. have children, which account for more than 32,000 homeless children. This statistic stops me in my tracks every time I read it. In fact, I was not even aware that we had such a high number of homeless children in our community until Jennifer Friend CEO of Project Hope Alliance spoke to our church congregation.

Frankly, it seems like an odd connection to offer people the opportunity to shop knowing there are so many in need. The reality is however, that so many of you have generous hearts and already give back to the community in abundance. My fundraisers simply give you an excuse to treat yourself while helping someone else.

Late last year many of you supported the Pancreatic Action Network in honor of Richard Harley through shopping a trunk show. We raised just over $2,000 together! AMAZING!!!

So I ask you...can we partner again to treat ourselves while giving a much needed hand up to local families in need? In fact, I have a super fun giveaway for those that choose to shop before 2/2. One lucky shopper will win the large Hudson Tote valued at $178. How FUN is THAT!!

#girlmath...Who needs a pair or 2 of $39 earrings?

This email is being sent to 986 people. If 1/3 of you which is 321, purchased a pair of $39 earrings, we will have raised $2,500 for Project Hope Alliance.

If 212 purchase the Essential Fringe Necklace in gold or silver we will hit our goal.

If 128 purchase the Waverly petite we will have raised $2,500.

Food for thought...

Have a Fabulous February!! xo Cynthia

Thank you for being the phenomenal people you are! The world is a better place because you are in it and I know those that are lucky enough to call you mom, dad, wife, husband, sister, aunt, brother, uncle, bestie, partner in crime etc would agree! xo