Monochromatic Landscape

Jessica Norton 3A

I Chose Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is located in the city, or district, of Washington DC. George Washington decided we needed a Capitol building so two years later, on September 18, 1793, they started construction for the building. The Capitol building is used by the Senate and the House of Representatives to discuss important issues.

Art & Design of the Building

The person responsible for designing the building was George Washington. They started construction in 1793 and finished in 1819. One example of symbolism in this building is the bronze Statue of Freedom by Thomas Crawford, which is on top of the dome of the Capitol building. The main materials used to create the Capitol building were; cast iron, marble, and sand stone.

Elements and Principles

The element of art used in my work is color. I put this in my artwork to create the principle of design, Unity. Unity is when you make harmony by repeating the element thought out your whole artwork. I made the element color by using a monochromatic color scheme. There is a color along with all its tints and shade throughout my art work.