After High School Plans

By: Lane Kasiah Per.1

What type of education do I need?

I plan on getting a bachelors degree in criminal justice.

What school am I going to?

I am going to go to Southern Oregon University and obtain a bachelors degree in criminal justice.
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What is the cost and what are the requirements to get in?

For all four years the cost is going to be about $80,712 dollars, and the requirements to get in are have a GPA of a 3.31, have a SAT score of 1024 (critical reading and math), and have an ACT score of at least 22 (composite).

How many students go there and what is the student/teacher ratio?

About 6,203 students go to SOU and the ratio is about 21:1.

What city is SOU in and what are fun things to do there?

SOU is located in Ashland, OR and there are a lot of fun things to do there like ScienceWorks Museum, Lithia Park, and Emigrant Lake.

What is the weather like in Ashland,OR?

What is the geography around SOU?

Mountains and lakes are the two main geographical features around SOU.

How am I going to pay for college?

I am going to be using a combination of student loans and scholarships.

What scholarships do I qualify for?

I qualify for Bearss Memorial Scholarship, Classes of 1924-37 (Depression Years), Geoff Carmichael Memorial Scholarship, and the Highland Elementary Scholarship.

My goals for the next few years of High School are?

To meet the criteria for more scholarships, to better prepare myself for college and the real world, and also gaining more knowledge.

What are the classes that I will take to achieve my goals?

I will take advanced classes and other classes that will help me better my chances of succeeding in the real world.

What is some volunteer work I can do for training and also how will this help me in my career path?

I can volunteer at GPDPS and this will help me by giving me vital behind the scenes experience.