French Revolution

By: Sam Sapp

The Start of the Revolution

  • Caused by King Louis XVI putting high taxes on the lower classes
  • Inspired by the American Revolution
  • Years of the Revolution 1789 to 1799
  • The Revolution officially ended in 1799 still went on after 1799
  • The tax on bread was one of the riots that lead to the Revolution
The lower class people didn't like how most of the tax money was coming from them and the higher class didn't have pay as much as them and they had more money then they did.
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What Happened

The lower class would go into the higher class's house and rob them then burn down there house to the ground. The King's palace also got raided. His family and him got executed by the rioters.

After the King was dead people started rioting and destroyed the city.

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What happened to France

After the people of France killed the King the City went to terror.

  • There was a National Convention to see what they wanted to do with the government
  • From the Convention the people didn't want a monarchy
  • They established a First Republic
The people weren't able to go through with the First Republic because France was getting surrounded Parisian revolutionaries and Mutinous troops so they went back to a monarchy. With this new monarchy they were under the rule Napoleon.
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