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Nice to know

Iodine is named after the violet color of its vapor and is a bluish/black solid at room temperature. Iodine has long been used as a mild anestic but at its pure form it is poisonous so watch out

Bernard cortois

Bernard Cortois (The first arresting officer) discovered iodine in 1811 While routinely processing the ash from seaweed to recover sodium and potassium compounds, he released a curious violet vapor that condensed into attractive crystals.


Iodine has a melting point of 236.7*F(113.7*C) and a boiling point of 364.0*F(184.4*C)

Iodine is a non- metal/halogen.

Iodine can also be used to to identify the presence of starch(this is usefull for making the perfect conterfit dollor bill)

Iodine does have a soft side so sometimes he helps people by bieng used as a mild anestic and helps treat thyroid cancer.

Extra info

1)Iodine was used in brachytherapy implanted capsules, which killed tumors by short-range gamma radiation

2) 1 mineral that contains iodine is caliche, which is found in Chile

3) There has never been a confirmed report of a true iodine allergy

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Most known use of iodine



1) Book:


Lew, Kristi.

Details the physical properties of iodine and discusses how it was discovered. Also examines how iodine is put to use in the modern world


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3) Mackinvia

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other names: iod,iodio,jod,iode,jood,yodo,iodo

chemical symbol: I

origin of name: the name iodine comes from the greek word iodes meaning violet

historical name: iode

common name:iodine

slang terms: cretin, and crank

Last seen

group\family name:Halogens

found on earth: oceans and salty waters like brines and seaweed

known associates

elements that form mixtures or compounds with iodine include: potassium,sodium,florine,clorine,bromine, and oxygen

Actual chemical reaction: I2 +5F2=2IF5

Warning label

iodine is 1 of the most stable halogens but still is reactive and dangerous.