My tasks


Spiritual Task: Invest in your spiritual life

I decided to read my Bible faithfully everyday in the morning I have already done it but I was not doing it as before. It was not easy there were days that I lost my time in the morning:-( and i got so upset with myself but it didn't make me to give up I have decided it is going to be part of my life. I use to go to sleep latte and there was times it was hard to wake up at 6 though my spirit was happy, I have being meditating on the book of Mathews. About when Jesus was starting his ministry and my Bible was making much more sense after going to Israel. It has spoken with me about being focus in the work of saving souls since reading my Bible my mind have being much more open for spiritual things I have being more able to control the moments were my flesh would scream out loud I keep in my heart the word that Jesus said about us being the salt of the earth and how I should not loose my flavour. I though about it and I was left with one desire I want to save souls I wanted others to have what I have I thought about my testimony and I said to God that I would get the opportunities He was going to give me this month to do as He did to win people to follow him. I have given mine testimony 3 times this month every time I did I had a return people coming to me and asking help It is something simple but I was not doing it before. I have changed and I have no doubts that my morning meditation is helping me I am in love with the way God is reviling himself to me. I will definitely continuo in my journey.

Growth Task: Read the following Blogs daily and make weekly comments on them.

Não tem como errar se colocamos nele toda a confiança, ele e o modelo perfeito a ser seguido.

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Sou feliz por um dia ter ouvido e recebido essa palavra com alegria pois sao muitos que ainda sao enganados pela religiosidade. BP Macedo