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Week of January 11th

Chemical Changes

The students are finishing up a Chapter in Physical Science this week. They have filled out their study guides and should be studying over the weekend for a test on Tuesday! This week we took a look at how chemical changes work. A big thank you to Mrs. Schoenfelder for her help with our lab. We made pancakes in the classroom looking for evidence of a chemical change as the batter turned into a solid pancake. The kids enjoyed the lab, despite the fact that I forgot to bring the syrup!

Indoor Recess

With temperatures/wind chills below -10 degrees, students spent recess indoors on Tuesday and Friday. Please be sure to remind your child to bring appropriate gear for the days we are outside, as well as indoor shoes.

Math help

In the file below, you will find Math book pages to use as a reference with math homework in Unit 5. We are working with polygons in this geometry unit. We have also moved into studying perimeter and area.

IXL Free Trial

Our class has a free trial through IXL for the Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies skills through February 1st. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to work on these skills. This website is available to use at home as well. Students sign in using their lunch number. To visit the site, go to

School-Wide Mail System

We continued to continue last year's idea of creating a school-wide mail system in our Elementary building. Each classroom has a "mailbox" outside of their room where students from all grades can send them mail. It is a great way to build relationships among the Elementary students and also a way to work on our writing skills. The kids are having fun with it!

Band Notes

How did it become January already? The year has flown by and the band has made tremendous progress since the beginning of the year. Now that we are back from break we are going to be moving fairly quickly through the next few pages in the book and students will need to be sure they are keeping up with their home practice routines so they are not left behind.

Here are some tips to beat the mid-winter practicing blahs:

  • Set aside a specific time each day for practice. Whether it is before school, after school, or after supper, if it becomes part of the daily routine it is much easier to stay motivated.
  • Establish a practice “studio” for your student. Make sure they have a quiet place to practice with as few distractions as possible, and also a good chair and a music stand. This sets them up for success.
  • Set reasonable goals. 15-20 minutes of practice on most days of the week is very reasonable and very attainable. I hope there is no one who can’t find 15 free minutes during their day (on most days)J
  • Schedule time to listen to your child practice. It means the world to your student to know that you are interested in what they are learning. Make time to let them play something for you at least once each week, or at the very least, be sure to give them some positive feedback about what you have been hearing.

Also, if your student is in need of supplies (reeds, oils, greases, etc.) let me know and I can help you order what you need. Together we can help your student be successful in instrumental music.

Donors Choose Project

I have started a Donors Choose project to help get document clips for the monitors in our computer lab. Document clips attach to the monitors and hold papers for the students while they type. This project will actually benefit all of our Elementary students. If you are interested in helping fund this project, or know someone who is, you can check out the link below to learn more about Donors Choose. Thanks!

Student Spotlight

Kasen, Cael, and Cori were the Champions of the Elks Free Throw Contest in each of their age divisions. They will move on to Huron to compete in the next round. Way to go and Good Luck!

No School

Monday, Jan. 18th 2016 at 8am

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
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