Prek 4.2

March 14th -18th

Every book has an end, so our study unit on books has also come to an end. We had a great time learning about parts of a book, and of course our author and illustrator. We celebrated our bringing literature parade. We were some really amazing trees and apples . Then, we shared our ideas about our book with the PK4 students. They also enjoyed learning new stories. We did rotations, and each class visited all classrooms to get to know about the author and books they have been talking about the past month. They enjoyed popular stories like The Grouchy Ladybug, The Rainbow fish, The Lorax and of course THE GIVING TREE.

This unit was quite successful, we can see our kids talking about trees. You can also see pk4 students collecting seeds, leaves, twigs and more … THEY REALLY WANT TO TAKE CARE OF ALL THE TREES IN PANAMA!!!. Many activities, investigations, questions came up this week which helped us learn more about the things we wondered about,

We had a great field-trip to Safaricks zoo! Special thanks to all the mommies who joined us on this fun trip, with a great attitude, no matter how hot it was! We are always thankful to have the extra help!

Week's Activities

Morning routine

Literacy skills

Creative Play

The Giving Tree Celebration

A walk among our school trees

A trip to the ZOO

Friendly Reminders

Our class is going to begin our new study unit: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!

Spring Break! No school from March 21th-March 25th

You can start sending the recycled material you have at home such as: plastic bottles, boxes, clean containers, newspaper, magazines etc.

Parent Conferences will be taking place in April 6th and 7th, (the 6th will be half day for students, and the 7th no school for the kids)