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October 2016

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Banned Book Week at WC Friday

Banned Books Week is an annual celebration of the right to read, usually held the last week in September. This year at WC Friday, books from our library that have been challenged around the world were put on display along with the reasons they were challenged. Students were surprised to find many of their favorites under lock and key on the display table.

The display became a starting point for conversations among students as to why someone would want to ban a book and why they did not agree with the reasons listed. After seeing The Diary of Anne Frank on the table, an 8th grader commented that "it shows history. It's sad but it is true." A 6th grader commented " if you don't like what it is about, just don't read it!" A 7th grader returned to the library to share a conversation she had with her parents about the display and books. The students are looking forward to the release of the book but they have also gained insight into their "right to read."

Submitted by Anna Taylor, SLMC WC Friday Middle

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Submitted by Audra Pressley, SLMC Mt. Holly Middle

Hugo brings the book bus to Kiser

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Submitted by Tracy McLean, SLMC Kiser Intermediate

Book Fair News!

Ahoy Mateys! North Belmont just completed their most successful book fair ever! We kicked it off at a school-wide reading night! There was a pirate themed table, complete with pirate music flowing through the hallways, where students could visit to find out their pirate name and receive a reading ticket to turn in at the book fair for a chance to win a free book! For the second year in a row Family Day was a huge success with parents making purchases to enter their student for a chance to win a large book fair gift basket! With daily drawings and giveaways for students and teachers, this book fair was most definitely a spectacular start to the school year!

Submitted by Brandi Maples, SLMC North Belmont Elem.

Cuneiform in the library!

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Sixth graders at John Chavis Middle tried their hand at writing in cuneiform after a lesson on using OPAC to locate books in the library with a focus on books about ancient kingdoms. The tablets were displayed in their social studies classroom.

Submitted by Terri Hoyle, SLMC John Chavis Middle

Hawks Nest Connects with Authors

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Mrs. Grant’s 1st grade joined Mrs. Crook in the HNSA media center to celebrate the book birthday of Shy on September 27th. Mrs. Crook shared Blue Chicken and The Story of Fish and Snail before our Skype read aloud to familiarize students with Mrs. Freedman’s writing and illustrations. Students investigated the whoisshy.com website to guess which character they thought would be Shy. Finally, the big day arrived and Deborah Freedman read Shy to students via Skype. There was cheering and clapping when it was revealed which character was Shy. Students shared birthday cards they had created for Shy with Mrs. Freedman and she talked about her studio, her writing and drawing with the students.

Would you like to take a guess? Who is Shy?

Happy Book Birthday, Shy and Deborah Freedman!

Submitted by Edie Crook, SLMC Hawks Nest STEAM Academy

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Mt. Holly Middle is getting ready for their All Hallow's Read event to encourage reading. The event also coincides with their fall book fair.

Submitted by Audra Pressley, SLMC Mt. Holly Middle

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East Gaston media staff have been working to teach students better research skills. Students and teachers are learning to become savvier researchers through orientation classes and the library's website and Twitter.

Submitted by Shay Whitlow, SLMC East Gaston High

Book Wars at Sherwood

In an effort to encourage students to read more, we started a Book Wars competition. The class with the most number of AR quizzes taken & passed, won lunch with the librarian. Our students were super excited about this. The top class took 203 AR quizzes! They enjoyed a relaxing lunch in the library while listening to some Melville Dewey rap songs and munching on some sweet treats.

Submitted by Deborah Hastings, SLMC Sherwood Elem

Book Fair Fun at Kiser

Submitted by Tracy McLean, SLMC Kiser Intermediate

Book Speed Dating at Mt Holly Middle

On each tray was a different genre. Students had a "menu" or Rate your Date brochure where they rated the books at the end of each date.

Submitted by Audra Pressley, SLMC Mt. Holly Middle

Students Learning to Code

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Submitted by Tracy McLean, SLMC Kiser Intermediate

Fresh New Look at South Point

The Media Center at South Point High School underwent some minor renovations over the summer. With the building hitting the 50 year milestone, the library, which has not had any major updates in over 20 years, was showing its age. The old computer work stations were taking up valuable space in the middle of the room and creating a tripping hazard with cords and cables laying on the floor. On-line classes, which are assigned to the library every block, needed an area of their own while classes and groups of all kinds needed space to meet and collaborate. The circulation desk was looking pretty shabby as well. Media Specialist Elaine Gentry requested funding, appealed to some parents, and applied for grants to no avail. So, she took matters into her own hands. Getting rid of the two giant (10 X 2.5 ft) counters that had held 7 desktop computers and the foot catching gate was the first step. Using some wood from old shelving she no longer needed Mr. Kiser's carpentry class was able to craft two built-in stand-up search stations for library students and patrons to use. Then, Mrs. Gentry found three double desk/tables (stamped on the bottom with the date January, 1970) within the school that she sanded and painted. She moved six computer stations to the other side of the room and up against the wall to take advantage of computer drops that were, thankfully, already in place. This created a space for the online classes to work. In the old circulation area she removed magazine display shelves to create a space for a drop down screen (and possibly a Smart Board in the future) and brought in an extra table and chairs to provide more seating for classes and meetings. With some inspiration from Pinterest, Mrs. Gentry created some "art" using discarded book covers to add interest (and cover up the holes) in the circulation desk.
Submitted by Elaine Gentry, SLMC South Point High

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