Lineville Technology

Anastasia Shishkina

Typing Wed

1. Typing is one lift skill to learn.

2. It counts how many miss takes you get.

3. I learn new words by typing.

4. There are different stages you take.


1. You can put pictures and say words on them.

2. The iTrailer has a time limit.

3. There are different trailers you can use.

Career Locker

1. You get to find out which collage you want to go.

2. There a tests you can take of what to want to be when you grow up.

3. Have to pay a lot of money for collage.

Haiku Deck

1. Make slides with words and pictures as backgrounds.

2. It is good for presenting for a project.

3. You can be very creative and be education.

Explain Everything

1. Add slides and can email it to friends, teaches, family.

2. You can record your voice to tell what to do.

3. Can add pictures to show what you want to do.

Hour of Code

1. Get to play games while learning.

2. The games you make other people can play them.

3. You get to make games the way you like.

Email Etiquette

1. We did a practice message to our teachers.

2. You have to put your first name and last name when your done.

3. Always put the persons name on the message.