McCain 6 Points

Teaching Content and Problem Solving Skills

The 6-Point Nutshell

Ted McCain makes an excellent case in his book regarding the need for us to teach students critical thinking skills that will enable them to solve real-world probelms in their future jobs. With thoughtful planning, teachers can create lessons where students learn without us telling them how to find all the answers, but they solve the problem using the skills they need along the way.

McCain's 6-points

Resist telling.

Teach in context.

Let students determine final product.

Problem first, teaching second.

Withdraw help over time.

Reevaluate assessment.

Big Problem Solvers

Read, Play, Create

A young group of elementary students spent their summer reading, playing and creating. What, you might ask? They solved real-life problems about life! The problems ranged from house repairs to difficult relationships. Students read various types of media, played to discover a solution and then created a presentation using technology. Amazing!