Parsons ES Partyline

Friday, August 14, 2015

Local Heros

Gabby and the custodial team...did an exemplary job on their first school inspection. This is just the first of many inspections as Gabby and her team prepare for the clean school award. Awesome job!

Nicole and the cafeteria staff ~ Hats off for a wonderful 1st week. Thank you for preparing healthy and nutritious lunches for all of our Parsons cubs.

All of the Parsons Staff ~ Thank you for a great start to the school year!

Lights, Camera, Action

11Alive News will be here at Parsons on Tuesday, August 18 to conduct an interview about the GCPS' nutrition program. None of our staff or students will be interviewed or directly filmed. I have no doubt our students will be on their very best behavior for our visitors.

2015-2016 Staff Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday ~ 8:00 - 4:00 pm

Tuesday ~ 7:30 - 3:45 pm

Friday ~ 8:00 - 3:45 pm

We will no longer have flex time.

1. How do I get a sub? You must do two things.

i. First, request leave through the GoPortal. You must submit a leave electronically whenever you take leave. Personal leave should be requested 5 days in advance. Understand that personal leave is at the discretion of the principal. The county has no personal day leave dates on the employee calendar.

ii. Second, you must access AESOP to secure a sub. This can be done three different ways:

a. by phoning the AESOP sub line @ 1.800.942.3767

b. going online to

c. using a smart phone access <>


a. This new system requires either 4 hours or 8 hours for subs. Therefore, when you need to be out, you will always have to schedule a ½ day or full day sub. ½ day leave may only be for AM/PM, not taken in the middle of the day (10:00-2:00, for example). Only in rare instances will we be able to accommodate coming in late or leaving early. (This must be approved by an administrator prior the occurrence.)

b. If you schedule a sub then realize you don’t need a sub, it is your responsibility to cancel the sub through AESOP. If you forget to cancel and a sub arrives, you will be charged personal leave for it.

Teachers, please email sub plans including any special student medical information and unusual dismissal procedures for the sub to Cynthia Jennings and your grade level manager if you are calling off. Specials teachers, leave detailed sub plans including your duties, and what times the grade levels come to you, when you have lunch, etc.

Employees earn 10 hours of sick leave per month. Out of the 100 hours, you may use 24 hours per year as personal leave. If you do not use the personal leave, it is converted to sick leave. Accumulated sick leave can be used for extended illness or early retirement.

HR Compliance Training 2015-2016

Please be sure to complete the following videos by September 30, 2015

*Ethics and Sexual Harassment

*Seclusion and Restraint

*Mandatory Reporting

*Employee Policies and Procedures

After watching each video, you must also sign off for each section to complete the training.

Certified Staff ~ GTES Orientation and Self - Assessment

Please be sure to complete your Gwinnett Teacher Evaluation System orientation and self - assessment in the PD&E tool. We will meet next week to provide more information about the evaluation process and to inform you of your primary evaluator.

Week at a Glance

August 17
  • Applications due for TOTY
  • PRHS Team Leaders start
August 18
  • 7:30 am staff meeting - All staff (Title IX overview & Curriculum Night)
  • Fire Drill (9:00 am)
  • 11Alive news filming in the cafeteria
  • Enrollment Count Day #2
  • TOTY committee meets

August 19

  • Professional Learning (Professional Learning Room)

August 20

  • Grade Level Planning

August 21

  • Label Ladies (Bring your Box Tops!)
  • Building Level Team Meeting (Professional Learning Room) - 9:00 am

Looking Ahead

August 25
  • Report at 7:30 am / No morning meeting
  • Count Day #3
  • Curriculum Night - Grades 3-5 (6:30 pm)

August 27

  • PTA General Meeting ~ 6:00 pm
  • Curriculum Night - Grades Prek- 2 (6:30 pm)

August 28

  • PTA fundraiser kick off

  • SPG initial testing window closes