Third Grade News March-2017

Mrs. Lee,Mrs. Maley,Mrs. Mann,Mrs. Rowell,Mrs. Williams

Daily Supplies Needed

Ask your child about his/her supplies. Many are running low on markers, crayons, and glue........Pencils... Cap erasers...Kleenex Tissues...Glue sticks...Dry eraser markers

All donations are appreciated


AR parade...............Next Friday.......................Dress in your Dr. Seuss attire

Spring PIctures.......Nest Wednesday.............This is also the day we take class pictures!!!

Extra Time

Thank you for sending your child early to school. But please remember teachers will only be in the rooms on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00am We will send them to breakfast at 7:30.

Tuesday: meet in Mrs. Maley's room

Wednesday: meet in Mrs. Mann's room

Thursday: meet in Mrs. Lee's room

Reading and Language

Our Learning:

· Information will go home tomorrow in your child’s Wednesday Folder with key terms to review with your child. These terms are ones they have learned throughout the year, and ones that they may see again on tests. The extra exposure to these terms, and allowing your child to teach you what they have learned will only reinforce the skills taught up to this point.

Reading: : Author study on Eve Bunting and Patricia Polacco. We are completing several activities throughout the week and focusing on theme, characters, setting, and plot.

The GA Milestone test will be given at the end of April, and comprehension skills are a huge component of the test. Comprehension is a skill that is crucial for your child not only to be successful in 3rd grade but throughout their time in school. Continue to practice this skill at home.

Language Arts: Abstract nouns, identifying cause and effect, and writing conventions

Writing: Writers Workshop focusing on Opinion writing (Extended Response is a term we use often when talking about writing an essay)

We will be focusing on writing quite a bit during this second half of the year. Third graders need to be able to write a constructed response (we use R.A.C.E. when answering these questions), and write extended response in Informational, Narrative, and Opinion Writing (this type of writing is similar to the five paragraph essay).

We will continue be working on writing an extended response. The students will have to write an introduction, a body, and a conclusion in their essay. We are preparing for the Milestone which will be in April.


· Please continue to encourage your child to read at home. The more they are exposed to reading the more confident they will be, and they will inevitably become better readers!

I always tell students that they may take an AR test when they first come into the classroom (only if they are ready for one) prior to starting their “morning work”.

· A book was placed in your child’s Oscar Binder this week. Please make sure your child is reading that book each night and I will ask them to take an AR test on the book on Friday when they come into the classroom. There are several students that are forgetting to read their book. I cannot stress enough how important it is for your child to read a home so please remind your child to read their book each night.

Students that read often = an increase in fluency = an increase in comprehension = an increase on test scores. . .and all of this produces a more confident child J

Towards the end of April we will have the Georgia Milestones Test. I have attached a copy of the Parent Brochure for you to read.

Practice at Home:

· Please review and go over any papers that are sent home with your child.

· Continue to have your child read nightly and ask your child questions about what they are reading to check for comprehension.

· I strongly encourage practicing writing at home. We have been working on using a graphic organizer to collect our thoughts and then use that information to write an opinion, informational, and or narrative writing piece that includes paragraphs. Any opportunities for your child to write and respond to questions in complete sentences at home will only help when they work on assignments in class. Writing tends to be a little challenging for students so that extra practice can be very beneficial. Soon I will send home/email sample writings (constructed/extended response) so that you are aware of what your child needs to be able to produce in 3rd grade.

Social Studies

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt. We will have a test on these two people on Friday. Students will read two passages about them and answer questions about the passage and then complete an extended writing response. Students will not receive a study guide because the information they will need to answer the questions will be on the two passages they will be given.


Math Concepts for March

Comparing fractions

Elapsed Time



Concepts for Review:

Fractions/fractions on a number line/equivalent fractions/comparing fractions



Homework Strategies:

1. Check your child's math folder daily.

2. Review any papers and new learning, have your child "BE THE TEACHER"

3. Complete the 4 square homework sheet, place back in math folder.

4. Practice facts on Xtramath or with flash cards or drills (in the car)

5. At least 10 minutes on frontrow every night.(on the adaptive level)

If your child can't work on a computer, send your child in early one day as mentioned above.


Formative Test on Rocks and Soil


Georgia Habitats

Your child will be exploring the habitats of Georgia for our last unit of study. This unit is a fun way to end the year. There will be a take home project and a field trip. More info later.

Excellent Practicing Using Technology at home Assignments have just been added in scootpad for ELA and math. Please have your student log on and start practicing! Third grade assignments have been given and are checked for percent correct daily. : Third grade fluency practice on all four operations- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Myon: Online reading resource. If your child is having trouble getting on the site have them log into their google account.


Resource Schedule 12:35-------1:20

Mann------ PE- Tues. & Wed.----Technology- Fri. --Media-Thurs.

Lee---------PE- Thurs. & Fri. -Technology-Tues..---------Media-Mon.

Rowell---- PE- Mon.,& Tues.Technology-Thurs.---------Media-Wed.

Maley ---- PE- Wed. & Thurs.------Technology-Mon. Fri----Media

WIlliams-- PE-Mon & Fri. --Technology- Wed. Media --Tues.

All third grade classes will be rotating on Fridays with ART!!!!

Lunches: Birthday treats will be shared at these times

Lee ------- 11:50-12:20

Maley---- 11:53-12:23

Rowell--- 11:55-12:25

Mann---- 11:58-12:28


Contact Information:

Paula Lee

Katherine Maley

Julie Mann

Jessica Rowell

Abigail Williams

If you need to ask a question concerning your child,please use the link above to contact your child's teacher and not by responding to this newsletter. This will assure that your child's teacher will receive your question.

MHES: 912-729-2940