Media Literacy

What is Media Literacy?

The media can be many different things. People sometimes think of social media or the “media” that revolves around celebrities. To me, “media” is its own culture revolving around communication. In whatever context one might use it, it becomes a whole world revolving around one particular subject matter. For example, social media is its own culture online that helps people communicate and share their lives with one another. When celebrities talk about “the media,” they are referring to a whole group of people that inform the world about famous people. It includes paparazzi, news reporters, and magazines. It is this entire world that revolves around what celebrities do and informing the people about it. “Media,” in my opinion, is a world that involves forms of communication. The “world” can basically revolve around anything, but is something that involves informing and sharing with other people.

I believe that being media literate is having the ability to understand media and use it in the proper way. If people do not understand how to use Twitter or Facebook, then they are not able to properly communicate using those social media websites. If people want to be able to use these forms of communication, it is necessary that they are media literate. Some people have a full understanding of social media, and it makes them very media literate. For example, many of my friends have Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat, Vine, etc. I only have a Twitter and a Facebook page, so I do not understand how to work Vine. This makes me media illiterate. It is always important to understand the forms of communication that are in this world.

Budweiser Commercial "Puppy Love"


Budweiser, in the video, “Puppy Love,” asserts that people should buy Budweiser products over other beverages. By showing the strong relationship between a horse and a dog, the author grabs the heart of viewers using ethos. Budweiser supports its assertion by symbolizing the relationship between the dog and the horse with the consumers and the product. They always stay with each other similarly to consumers and Budweiser beverages. The author’s purpose is to convince the viewers that they should buy Budweiser’s products in order to boost the sales of the company. The author shows this in an informal tone for people above the age of twenty-one.

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School is not just about academics. School is not just a place to help students become smarter. School has taken away my freedom. Not my physical freedom. I still have my first amendment right. I also have my second. However, my freedom to express my creativity in my academic classes has been taken away. Put in a shadow. Hidden. Concealed. Why is there such an emphasis on test scores? Why is it all about my GPA? Why is it about measuring my intelligence? Why is creativity emphasized less than my SAT score? I am certain that Benjamin Franklin was just as creative as he was smart. I feel the same way about myself. I am just as creative as I am smart, but unfortunately I cannot focus on my creativity in school. Let me daydream. Let me be inspired. Let me imagine. Let me illustrate. Let me be creative. Steve Jobs did not come up with the idea of an iPhone because he was smart. He came up with the idea because he IMAGINED it. He DREAMED of it. He used his creativity to see this image of a phone to help the world. He was a day dreamer. I could be the next Steve Jobs, but the world will never know because I was taught to be smart. Not creative.

Satirical News Story

Students caught for wearing “short" shorts

McKenna Rogness, Staff Reporter

Tues Mar 18, 2014

SUWANNEE – Peachtree Ridge High School decided to teach its students a lesson by dress coding over two hundred students in the morning before classes started in order to take control of the immense number of “inappropriately” dressed students.

As students walked out of their buses and into the school, if their shorts were slightly too short, they were told to go into the theatre. Once in the theatre, the students were lectured about the inappropriate clothing that they were wearing.

15 year old, Rebecca Randolph stated, “My shorts were not that short. They didn’t hug my butt or show off anything that would be distracting. Not only did I get penalized for shorts that my parents allow me to wear, but I also missed the first twenty minutes of my first class which I am not doing well in.”

It is important to better the students in our nation by keeping them from class to lecture them about clothing. Who needs to worry about a failing chemistry grade when the real problem is the one inch missing from a student’s shorts. All students wearing “short” shorts are distracted and cause distractions by these shorts, but the students showing up in pajama pants that also sleep in class are not nearly as distracting. Peachtree Ridge always handles problems in a proper, sensible manner.

Rewriting History

The Declaration of Independence is a false document that was written to build the morale of oppressed people living in the New World. England originally expanded its colonies to the America in order to get rid of people that were not productive members in society. For example, they shipped over criminals, the beggars, and the orphans because there was no need for them in the strong and powerful country.The government forced them to work for very little and treated the people like slaves. People kept only a little amount of the money they earned because England taxed them highly, and they also did not give the people any government benefits.

Eventually, the people caused more problems for the country than economic progression. There was crime, lack of motivation, etc. Therefore, England gave up their land and the people in order to maintain regular order once again. The people now living in America felt like England did not care about the work they had done, and so a few men came together and wrote the Declaration of Independence. This made the people think that they had a say in the secession, and it put some confidence within the new Americans.

Rewriting History Blurb

I rewrote this part of history because the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence were key events in America's history. Had these two events not happened the way that they did, so many lives would not have been lost through the war, the purpose of the writing would be different, and we possibly could still be under the power of England.
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1984 Response

1984 was a very thought provoking book that led many students to question our government and society. Before reading this book, I never had a problem with what I posted on the internet, but now knowing that the government has the ability to take that information to spy on me, I question what I should post. I never post anything inappropriate or bad, but the idea of information about me being gathered is unsettling. I do think that this work accurately describes the power of the government, but I would hope that our government would not use that power to harm our nation. The major lesson that I learned from this work is that people should never let the government take full control of people’s everyday lives.

Class Response

This class has been one of the most interesting classes that I have taken. I have had to think about many things that I have never thought about before. For example, I never thought about government surveillance before Media Literacy. I believe that this class was very beneficial for Seniors because this class requires a higher level of thinking and class participation that a college course would need as well. It helped me to prepare for classes that will require a lot of discussion and sharing ideas. Before, I felt like I sat in classes and day dreamed a lot, but this helped me to get ready for college because I cannot daydream and let time pass in my classes.

In other Language Arts classes, we did many projects, vocabulary quizzes, and classwork assignments. I feel as though this class had a little more freedom, and allowed the students to have time to think. This may sound silly because we are always supposed to think in school, but in other Language Arts classes, we are constantly doing assignments that went along with the books we were reading. In this class, we could just simply sit and think. It is a beautiful thing.

There is not much I would change about this class. If I were to be the teacher of this class, I would talk about the power of the media, current events, read a novel that applies to media and the government; and we did all of these things.

Overall, I think this class was enjoyable and beneficial. I would definitely recommend it to rising seniors who are debating on taking this class or AP Lang.