Civil War

The Dangerous And Deadliest

A Spark Of Fire

It all started in 1860 an 1861 when eleven Southerner states seceded. Seceded means they left their orginal country to make their own! Texas to Florida, and all the way to Virgina seceded! They called themselves The Confederate States of America or Confederacy.

Good 'ol Abe

Abe Linclon was the president of The Union and jefferson Davis of the Confederacy. Davis didn't want to go to war, but Abe wasn't going to allow eleven states to leave the Union because he thought it'd set a bad example for the future. If he allowed this, the states would think it'd be ok to leave if they ddin't like the rules!


Of course there were causes at the time to start the Cival War, like slavery. Slavery caused a lot of arguing and played a large part in causing the Cival War.

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