CTE Charging Station

May 31-June 3

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Information for our Campus

Monday, May 30 HOLIDAY

Tuesday, May 31 Exams 4,6 Senior Failure Cards Due

Wednesday, June 1 Exams 3,8 Retirement Luncheon 2:00 MPC

Thursday, June 2 Exams 1,7 9-11 Failure Cards Due Graduation Rehearsal 11:00 am

Friday, June 3, GTCH due 10 am, Graduation 2:30 pm

Important Dates

CTE Endorsement Academies:

August 1, 9-Noon, Engineering

August 1, 1-4 Architecture and Construction

August 3, 9-Noon, Business and Culinary

August 3, 1-4, Marketing,Criminal Justice & Health Science

August 5, 9-Noon Information Tech

August 5, 1-4 Arts and AV

August 8, 1-4 FCS

In an effort to prepare for the coming year and without a Curriculum Day, CTE is offering Endorsement Academies. You can attend up to two that pertain to your teaching duties and receive supplemental pay at $25.00 per hour. Check email that came out today.

Applaud Corner

We made it! Job well done!