The Jordan River

By Kristen Trammell

The Jordan River is 156 miles long and connects the Dead Sea and the Galilee Sea. It is located in the Jordan Rift Valley.
The Jordan River acts as boundary between Israel and Jordan. It is an important source of water and irrigation for neighboring regions such as Syria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.
The Jordan River is known as a Wadi, which is a creek that remains dry and fills up during rainy seasons. The deepest part of the river is only 17 feet deep.
Because of the lack of water in the regions around the Jordan River, violence and hatred can break out due to the competition for the water.
The Jordan River is also known to be a holy place. In the bible it says that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. People from around the world come to the Jordan River to be baptized.
The Jordan River contains 25 different species of fish and is surrounded by thick vegetation. Due to sewage and agricultural runoff and most of its water being used by surrounding countries, the river is becoming severely polluted and drained.