Science News Letter!

Welcome to open house! 😊

California Earthquake PBL Project

The driving question is how can we as structual engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand siesmic activity? During this peoject we were asked to explain and build a new step-by-step house for Tony Stark. The house is supposed to be in a safe location and earthquake proof. We work in a group of 4-5 members. This helps us learn to collobrate with others. Each group member contributed to the final desing. We had to make the house out of clay, ribbon, straws, toothpicks, and popsicle sticks. I learned all about earthquake saftey and seismic activity from this project.

30 Hands

The 30 Hands project is a video we make using the two apps Pic Collage and 30 Hands. We and explaning climate change, greenhouse effect, and global warming. I learned a lot about the effects of these three things. I also learned how to use a new app, 30 Hands. I enjoyed making the Pic Collages for the project.

Invention Convention!

The invention convention is a project where you get to make an invention that solves an enviormental problem today. The Happy Ocean Purifier is a machine used to clean the urban runoff water. The urban runoff water is the main source of ocean pollution today. The machine works by first off, sending off the trash on a conveyar belt so the trash trucks can pick it up. Then it goes through the net with tiny purifiers that clump up the nasty oil and fertlizer. After being cleaned, the water flows through a hydrodam and creates electricty. The electricty is stored in a battery. The electricty powers the conveyer belt. Then the water clean goes out into the ocean. Now the fish are HAPPY!!!
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Unit 3 Earthquakes (extra credit)

I enjoyed learning about earthquakes and what causes them. I learned about different types of stress and faults that occor from earthquakes. We did projects on earthquakes like the California Earthquake PBL. My favriote activity in calss was the slinky lab. We used slinkys to show P waves, S waves, and surface waves. P waves are small shakes in an earthquake and S waves are medium shakes. The surface waves are large earthquake shakes. I had fun in the earthquakes unit.
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