Reviewing for your AP Exam

Live Review Sessions (plus Extra Credit)

LIVE Review Session Start This Month

Beginning in April, the NCVPS AP Psychology Teachers will conduct a series of live review sessions covering each of the Modules we've studied this year. PLEASE take advantage of this opportunity. Presenters differ in how they conduct review sessions, but usually have both a direct review, plus a period for questions and answers.

  • The sessions are also archived, so students who cannot attend the live sessions can watch at a later time.
  • Check below for the Review Schedule - and make every attempt to attend as many sessions as possible!
  • Presenters will be taking attendance for each session - and notifying teachers about who attended each session, so that Extra Credit can be awarded!
  • For information about possible extra credit points, scroll down to the bottom of the flyer!
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Click HERE to enter the Review Classroom!!!

You will be required to enter your name before you enter the classroom. Please enter BOTH your first and last name, so that the presenter can record your attendance and share the information with your teacher.


Students have reported to us in past years that these review sessions are VERY helpful. However, to encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible, your teacher will award extra credit based on the number of FULL sessions you attend (that means you have to stay the whole hour!)

Students who:

  • Attend 3 full sessions: extra 100 assignment grade
  • Attend 5 full sessions: extra 100 assignment grade AND drop lowest quiz
  • Attend 7+ full sessions: extra 100 assignment grade, drop lowest quiz, AND 5 points on lowest test grade.
These extra credit options apply to 4th quarter ONLY and are only awarded for attending the LIVE sessions. (We cannot go back and change previously reported grades)