Bristle Bot

A Design Process

What is the Bristle Bot?

The Bristle Bot is a tiny little robot that uses vibrations to move. The Bristle Bot has no steering or control, but when moving in a certain pattern, it tends to stay the same. The Bristle Bot is only a motor taped on to the top of the tip of a toothbrush. This robot is a favorite robot for kids to make because it is amusing to look at and easy to build.


  1. Tip of a tooth brush
  2. Little motor from Radio Shack(not too much power)
  3. Watch battery
  4. scissors
  5. Plastic bag
  6. Hot glue

Now that you have gathered your materials, you can now build it.


  1. Cut the tip of the toothbrush off with your scissors.
  2. Put the small motor on the top of the toothbrush with the hot glue.
  3. Connect the motors wires to the small battery from the watch.
  4. Tape the battery to the toothbrush and let it go.
  5. Trim the end of the brush if it is not vibrating enough. *WARNING* The Bristle Bot will not stop moving until wires are unplugged.


Like any robot, there is a process on how we can build the Bristle Bot.

  1. research the problem or challenge
  2. discussing the concept and design
  3. building and developing the product
  4. documenting how the design works and checking for flaws
  5. testing and eating performance feedback
  6. reproduction and finalization of product
  7. then review and analyze that you followed the steps correctly

Pretty fast bristlebot

By Andy Glover, Sean Wallace and Jacob Harvill