The Perfect Blend:

Classroom-Proven Practices for Blended Learning

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is combines the best the of physical, face-to-face classroom with that of the online, virtual classroom. It's kind of like strawberries and ice cream; a mix of two good things that are even better together!
itslearning: What is Blended Learning?

Benefits of Blended Learning

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Flavors of Blended Learning

A Computer for Every Student

This could be laptop or tablet carts, computer labs, BYOD, or one computer assigned to every student.
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The Station Rotation Model

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The Flipped Model

What is the flipped class
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3 Ingredients for Blue-Ribbon Blending

1 - Active Online Classroom

Features of Online Classrooms

  • Online space for students and teachers to save and share resources.
  • Discussion areas that allow for sharing ideas and resources.
  • Messages can be sent between teacher and students, sometimes between students.
  • Quizzes and assignments can be given and often auto-graded.
  • Teacher can leave annotations and/or verbal comments on assignments.
  • Calendar/Schedule can coordinate assignments/quizzes, etc.
  • Classes can be created by teacher or by admin.
  • Students can be enrolled by admin or can join class with a code.

Learning Management Systems combine components in one tool.

Common Learning Management Systems used in our area:

Online Classroom Must Reflect and Extend the Face-to-Face Classroom

Be PRESENT in the online classroom.

If you share it in the face-to-face classroom, share it in the online classroom.

  • Take pictures or use the TinyScan app to convert analog papers to digital.
  • Have students take turns posting a picture of the whiteboard everyday.

Have students turn in work using the online platform - even paper and pencil work!

Use the online platform for discussions and reflections.

(Blended learning is not taking students to the lab once a week to do iStation.)

More Info about Learning Platforms

3 - Focus On Learning


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