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Summer 2015 Edition

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Message from the President

Dear SoACE Members:

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring semester and all of your graduates are gainfully employed or accepted into a graduate program.

Since this is my last message to SoACE, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with making this organization great! Tim, I want to thank you for your leadership and mentoring over the past four years. I could not have done it without you. Jeff, Corinne, Julie, Casey, Maggie and everyone else at cmcglobal, you are greatly appreciated and do a wonderful job of making sure our organization is financially stable, logistically sound, and organized. To all the incoming and outgoing Board members, you have made great contributions to this organization, which most of the time go unnoticed. Thank you for all your hard work. Finally, I would like to thank the wonderful members of SoACE. The membership is what makes this organization valuable. All the friendships, professional development, and networking make this organization tick. Thank you for being a member.

As we move into last few months of our fiscal year, we still have some professional development opportunities to highlight. First, the SoACE Employer Relations Summit, June 24-26 at Emory University in Atlanta, which sold out by the way, will be a great opportunity for networking and best practices to attract new employers. Secondly, our newly developed SoACE blog will keep us all informed and up to date on best practices. Please take a look at I encourage you all to subscribe by entering your email into the widget on the sidebar. Thank you to Charlie Wilder, Board Director for External Relations and Communications, and his marketing team, especially Meaghan Weir at Auburn for developing this blog.

The best way to keep up to date on everything that is happening with SoACE is to connect with us on social media and visit our Twitter feed @SouthernACE, our Facebook page, our LinkedIn page, and our website. I want to thank you for being a member of SoACE, and thank you for allowing me to serve as your President.


Jay Killough

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Assistant Director, Social Media and Branding

Job Description and Details

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

To apply, please visit:

Careers at Carolina

Career Counselor

Job Description and Details

University of Houston

To apply, please visit:

U of H Job Site

Career Advisor

Job Description and Details

University of Memphis

To apply, please visit:

Director, Career Development Center

Job Description and Details

University of Texas Arlington

To apply visit:

UTA Job Site

Assistant Director, Career Services

Job Description and Details

University of Mary-Hardin Baylor

For more information visit:

Assistant Director, Career Development

Job Description and Details

Lamar University

To apply visit:

Career Coordinator

Job Description and Details

Columbus State University

To access the CSU employment site visit:

Associate Director, Career & Professional Development Center

Job Description and Details

Duke University

View the full job description - Requisition # 400939979:

Duke HR

Associate Vice Chancellor

Job Description and Details

The University of Tennessee

Apply online by clicking here.

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SoACE would like to honor our members with Kudos!

Recipient: Alicia Jackson

Thanks for all of the leadership you have helped to provide to the Employer Relations Knowledge Group. You are a great partner!

Recipient: V'Rhaniku Haynes

V'Rhaniku rocks for chairing the first ever Employer Relations Summit this June!

Recipient: Tom Halasz

For taking the time to host an external review process for our organization so that we can continue to grow and learn. Time to reflect and evaluate ourselves is so important to the health of our office.

Recipient: Pamela Watkins

Pam Watkins Rocks! Pam is the person you can count on to get the job done. She is the first one roll her sleeves up and she is an amazing collaborator. She is the best at making students and her colleagues feel appreciated.

Recipient: Mary Mahoney

During a year when we've been short staffed, Mary Mahoney has gone the extra mile to assure that the office was productive as ever. She has a can-do attitude and doesn't shy away from hard work. We appreciate Mary in many ways!

Recipient: Keri Truitt

Over the past years, Keri has consistently and tirelessly worked on SoACE projects and committees. She brings creative ideas and energy to the table and gives 100%. Kudos Keri Truitt!

Recipient: Mary Anderson

Terrific presentation on the Career Services For Alumni-Navigating The Give & Take webinar!

Recipient: Donna Cooper

Outstanding webinar last month! The Alumni Career Services KG is proud!

Recipient: Alison Hogue

Alison is a member of SCACE (South Carolina Association of Colleges and Employers), and serves on the Board as the Marketing and Communications Chair. She is AWESOME. She has gone above and beyond to help make our annual conference a success. She volunteers to help in any way she can and is always providing encouragement and support to others. I know that we would not be able to pull off such a big event if it were not for Alison and her constant upbeat, giving and professional attitude. We are so fortunate to be able to work with her. Thank you Alison!

Recipient: Bette Scott

Bette Scott is the Director of Career Services for the University of Oklahoma. Bette will be retiring very soon and we wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for leading by example, challenging your staff to get more involved, and for leaving such a positive footprint. Bette is a pioneer within career services and she continues to inspire, encourage and lead others to take chances and make the most of every moment. She can feel confident that her legacy will live on through the highly talented, innovative and professional staff that she has worked so hard to shape and develop. Thank you, Bette. University of Oklahoma Career Services Staff

Recipient: University of Alabama Career Center Staff

Thank you all for hosting such a wonderful Rivals Retreat! The opportunity for discussion with colleagues has informed and empowered us to start preparing for an exciting year to come!

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SoACE Connections Blog

The new SoACE Connections blog launched on May 1st with a welcome message from Charlie Wilder, Director of External Relations and Communications. Connections will provide members monthly updates on the annual conference, knowledge group activities, and job postings on the SoACE website as well as hot topics and best practices in career services and recruiting. The Connections team is currently looking for regular contributors of “Hot Topics” and “Best Practices” content. If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to the SoACE Connections blog, please complete the interest form or contact Meaghan Weir,

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Knowledge Group Updates

Alumni Career Services Knowledge Group:

During the 2015 spring semester the Alumni Career Services KG leadership responsibilities changed with Rex Wade leaving as Vice Chair and Alice Jones stepping into the Vice Chair role as well as Program Director. Under Alice’s leadership, we provided two webinars. One was presented by Mary Anderson of Eckerd College named “Career Services For Alumni-Navigating The Give & Take” and the second named “Combining Forces to Maximize Alumni Usage” presented by Donna Cooper of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. Both presentations were outstanding and are available on the SoACE site. A special thank you to Alice, Mary and Donna for making it all happen.

Career Advising Knowledge Group:

The Career Advising KG collected ideas and suggestions from its members to determine future programming and resource options. Two webinars are in the planning stages, one for July and the second for October. Our second webinar will be co-sponsored with the Technology KG. Over the summer, we hope to begin offering opportunities for members to share resources and ideas with one another, either through Google Hangouts or SoACE Connect.

Employer Knowledge Group:

The Employer KG had a conference call in March in which covered topics that were discussed at the annual conference along with ideas for increasing Employer presence in SoACE. Ideas generating regarding recruiting more employers include the creation of marketing materials, webinars, offering HRCI/SHRM credits, and encouraging more conference proposals relevant to employers. Other areas of interest include early career programs, virtual recruiting, military, co-ops/externships. The next conference call will be held in June.

Two-Year Colleges Knowledge Group:

The 2-year College KG is planning a webinar on curriculum integration for late June to discuss how we are working to integrate career-related activities into academic programs to better formalize partnerships with faculty and departments.

Technology Knowledge Group:

The Technology KG is in the process of transitioning to 2 new co-chairs, Sally Perez-Ramos and Lauren Booe. Sally and Lauren are highly interested in collecting ideas and suggestions from its members to determine future programming and resource options. Future programming will be announced.

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Diversity Spotlight

As the semester comes to a close, I think about two specific student populations as graduation approaches: first-generation college students and international students. As our graduates walk across the commencement stage, it is very important for us, as Career Services Professionals, to make a concerted effort to assist these students in meeting their career goals. From providing assistance in obtaining appropriate federal paperwork to work in this country, to providing moral support and motivational guidance, we have a responsibility (especially at this time of year) to make time for these two graduating student groups in particular.

However, it is important to not wait until graduation to offer assistance to these groups. Thus, here are some programming ideas that you can implement at your own universities throughout the year to assist both first-generation and international students.

  • International Employment Readiness Workshops (Fully discuss OPT, Employer Sponsorship, etc.)
  • Professional Etiquette Workshops (Designed specifically for first-generation college students)
  • Job Search Boot Camp Seminars (Designed for both student populations)
  • Utilization of theory specific career counseling techniques, such as Roe’s Theory of Occupational Choice

This list leads to the Diversity & Inclusion Committee’s BEST PRACTCE initiative. Ideas on programs, communication efforts, and resources related to how you incorporate diversity and inclusion practices at your organization or university are always appreciated! To submit your BEST PRACTICE, just e-mail: . Not only will you get recognition on the SoACE website, you will also feel good about assisting other colleagues in meeting the career needs of the diverse population of students that we all work with.

Additionally, if you are interested in facilitating a Diversity Dialogue on a diversity related topic, please email . We’ll get you on the calendar to facilitate a discussion with SoACE membership via webinar capability.

Amy Ware

Director, Diversity & Inclusion

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SoACE Group Membership

SoACE would like to remind you about the NEW group membership option available for the upcoming 2015 – 2016 membership year. If you think this option would be a great opportunity for you, please consider it. Group membership allows for an unlimited number of individuals aligned by location, supervisor, or region to fall under the organization/company’s membership umbrella. Group membership dues are $600.00 annually (as opposed to $110/representative). We are taking this opportunity to remind you of the potential involvement of others at your organization that could partner with your office to create greater diversity for the SoACE membership as a whole

Any existing SoACE memberships will expire June 30, 2015. Please reach out to the Director of Membership or CMC Global if you are interested in group membership, and we would be happy to walk you through the details and logistics of signing up.

Group Benefits include:

  • Increased membership
  • Increased participation in SoACE events and activities
  • Increased collaboration among campus colleagues
  • Effective billing option for institutions that require an institutional membership
  • Additional resource sharing
  • Additional presenters with broader areas of expertise
  • Potential increase in participation of diversity institutions and staff
  • Increase in volunteer engagement/committee involvement
  • Increase in leadership development opportunities
  • Retention of members
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Looking for ways to get involved in SoACE? Is technology one of your interests?

You may be a great fit for our Technology Consultant position within the SoACE Marketing Committee! The Technology Consultant will be the leader of a subcommittee tasked with seeking ways to continue improving our SoACE webpage! This person will also work with others to ensure the website is maintained and updated as needed. Will you help us bring SoACE’s technology into the next generation? If so, please email Charlie Wilder at for more information!

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SoACE 2015 Annual Conference - Austin, TX

SoACE Conference - Why attend?

Call for Proposals

SoACE 2015 Conference planning is well underway and it’s going to be one of the best conferences ever! We invite you to “Discover the New Frontier” with “Bigger Ideas and LARGER Possibilities” in Austin, TX on December 6th-9th. Conference call for programs is open now through June 15th. Conference registration is also open!

Your conference committee is hard at work establishing exciting, relevant keynote speakers, deciding upon wellness activities and planning your event from A to Z. If you have any conference related questions, please contact your conference chair Courtney Edwards or co-chair Kevin Owens.

Southern Association of Colleges and Employers

The Southern Association of Colleges and Employers is an 800+ member organization of human resource, college relations, and career services professionals

Did we miss anything that you would like to share?

If you would like to add information about your Knowledge Group, a job posting, or a shout out to someone for the Kudos Korner, send an email to Eden Bunch at or Sally Perez-Ramos at with the details. Feel free to email any questions or concerns as well.