September 24-28


Good Morning. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Fall has definitely arrived! Thank you to everyone that stayed Friday for the first Middle School Hangout, and those who planned the evening. Students had a great time.

Please make sure you read through each section of the newsletter. I did cut back on the content some so it isn't so overwhelming.

Have a great week!

What's Going This Week

This week is Social Studies Supervision.


Tuesday- Volleyball@ Batavia

Wednesday- EH- Focus Groups

Thursday- Denise Sarchet's Birthday

Friday- Pro-Core Form A will close

Professional Development of the Week- Providing Meaningful Feedback

Providing students with valuable, authentic and timely feedback is one of the most effective ways to increase student learning and motivation. Here are five researched-based tips for providing student with the type of feedback that will increase motivation, build on existing motivation and help them to self-reflect.

1. Be as specific as possible. Not just "great job' and' way to go". Instead provide them with what they did well or could improve upon.

2. The Sooner the Better. Feedback is most effective with given immediately instead of days or weeks later.

3. Address the learner's advancement toward a goal. Make sure the feedback ties in the with the goal the unit or lesson and how they can work to attain that goal.

4. Present feedback carefully. This means ensuring that students know the feedback is to help them achieve at their best and not to compete or compare to others.

5. Involve learners in the process. It is important that students have access to the information regarding their performance. They need to develop an awareness of their learning so they can develop strategies to improve and self-monitor and be able to assess themselves.


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