Miss Sara's February Newsletter

We love our Sunshine families!

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  • Please let your kiddo bring in 10 valentines to pass out to their friends. (9 valentines for their friends, and 1 for them.) To help the giving go more smoothly, please don’t write any friends' names on the valentines, but instead, write “From (your child).”

NO SCHOOL: Feb. 16 (President's Day)

(NO PRESCHOOL: Feb. 19-20 for Parent Teacher Conferences)

  • Kindergarten will still be held on these days; our PTC will be held in March.


  • KINDERGARTEN INFO NIGHT: Mar. 10 from 7-8 p.m. at the Schoolhouse
    We are so thankful you've chosen our Private Kindergarten for your child this year! Be sure to attend if you have another child coming up in Kindergarten next fall (Easton and Hanson, yay!)
  • REGISTRATION OPEN FOR Summer Camp/Fall Preschool/Kindergarten: Mar. 9-20
    Registration packets will be handed out Mar. 9-10 and are due back by Mar. 20 to guarantee your child's spot. (Public can register April 1.) Please budget for registration fees: $20 for summer camp, $50 for preschool, or $100 for Kindergarten.
  • NO KINDERGARTEN: Mar. 12 (Parent Teacher Conferences)
  • NO SCHOOL: Mar. 23-27 (Spring Break)


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Happy Birthday To:

Preston: Feb. 24

Brrr....it's STILL cold outside!!!

Can you believe it's February??? Time is flying by! January was a fun month. The kids loved reading and acting out the story, The Mitten. We were able to do so many fun activities with this story. Our main focus was being able to retell a story. Make sure to check out the pictures and see our HUGE mitten. I hope you've enjoyed our class book, Who's in the Mitten. If you haven't seen it yet, it will soon come. :)

Jammies in January/Take Home Books
We had so much fun with Jammies in January! Thank you so much for helping your child remember to wear their p.js. It was a fun experience. Now that January is over I will send all the paper books back home and you may keep them for home reading enjoyment. Please keep all paper books that come home on Fridays at home. Thanks again for all your help with this process. Kids were amazed how fast they could read the old books! :)

IRI Scores:

Wow! The IRI scores were amazing! I was so excited to see the growth! Thank you all for all your hard work and practicing at home!

Dental Health Month:

February is Dental Health month. Avalon Dental will be visiting our classroom this month. We will be learning how to properly take care of our teeth. Each day I will be asking the kids if they brushed their teeth. If they brushed their teeth at bedtime and in the morning they will get a sticker on their toothbrush. Brush, Brush, Brush!

Valentine's Day Boxes:

We will be having our Valentine's Day party on Friday, February 13th. In order to prepare for the party I am asking for some help from home. I am asking that you help your child create a box for their Valentine's. Do you remember making these as a kid??? I do!! This is super fun and I'm so excited to see them. You may use any kind of box: shoe box, kleenex box, cereal box, etc or you may use bags or any kind of container. Actually you may use whatever you want. :) I just want you and your child to have fun making it.
*Please send your completed box to school on Friday, February 13th. Please DO NOT send the box to school until the day of the party I don't have enough room to store them. If you need any ideas, check out Pinterest! If you need help with any supplies or have questions, please let me know. Thanks in advance for all your help with this fun project!

Valentine's Day Party:
Our party will be Friday, February 13th from 10:30-11:00. We will play a few games, read our valentine's day cards, and have a small snack. We still need a few things, if you would like to help. We need:

  • (2) 2-liter bottles of cherry 7-up
  • cups, napkins, plates
  • and red vines (we'll use them as straws)
Just let me know if you would like to help :)

Check out all the fun we had in January!

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The animals in the story, The Mitten

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Can we all fit???

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So much fun!

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Building CVC words

Big image

Adding and subtracting goldfish

Big image

building "ed" words

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Fishin' for letters

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Snowball Fight: learning our High Frequency words

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Look at our cute art!

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100th Day: We found 100 Hershey kisses

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Making our 100th day hats

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Big image
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What can you build with 100 cups??? How high can Ricky go??

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Look at our 100th day chain!!