Gender Inequality In Sports

By: Taiwan Cole

Gender Inequality has been around in sports forever. Giving males the upper pay and treatment. Males continue to be paid more than female athletes and coaches because of the dominance males give to the sport. For an example Lebron James is able to fly through the air, slamming the basketball viciously and crossing people up, humiliating his opponent. On the other hand their is not that many female dunkers in the WNBA and the ones that can dunk, are not doing wind mills, 360s, or reverse dunks. Which comes down to the particular point, when people go to a basketball game they want to feel like they spent their money on an amazing event. When witnessing female players play there are only a few that can handle the ball terrifically and do things to get the crowd going, not taking anything from female athletes . But when you go to a NBA game it is like the whole environment changes. Male athletes are able to do amazing types of dunks and crossovers to get the crowd going. Comparing these two sexes males are selling the most tickets, which enables the NBA to pay their athletes more money do to the high box office sales. Gender Inequality only exist in basketball because people realize males are able to do more and better things than females on the court to hype up their audience.