Mrs. Birkland's Kindergarten Class

Room 108



This week we started our study on some special sounds. We met Th-That Thing-which makes 2 different sounds. One sound kind of vibrates like in the word "that" and the other is more airy like the word "thing." We then met Sh-hush little baby. On Friday we did a sort comparing the two different sounds.

We also are going back and reviewing the letters and poems we have already studied. As we do, we are meeting more Kindergarten Words. This week, we met at, do, look, had, and up. We have a lot of sight words under our belts now. We are getting quite good. Check out your child's seesaw account to see how they are doing with them. The goal this quarter is to be able to read at least 20 fluently. We have been introduced to 35 so far.

Letters We have studied

Ss , Nn, Tt, Mm, Aa, Rr, Ii, Ff, Hh, Uu, Dd, Cc, Kk, Oo, Bb, Yy, Pp, Gg, Ll, Ww, Ee, Vv, Xx, Jj, Zz Qq

Special Sounds

th(2), sh

Sight Words We have practiced-PLEASE PRACTICE AT HOME!!!

Quarter 1 Words: I, see, the, you, me, my, can, a, in, is, and, we, an, on, am, yes, no, if, said

Quarter 2 Words: are, as, like, by, he, she, will, go, all, it, of, to, up, do, at, look, had

Reader's Workshop-Good Reader Stratgies

This week we studied specifically what do good readers do when they come to a word they don't know. Let your child tell you about this one. Show them the pictures and ask them what they mean. What can you do when you get stuck on a word?

Guiding Reading Taking Off!

This week we got into the swing of our Center Time (Guided Reading). I am so excited to finally get into the swing of this. We get to meet in small groups of teams to work on strategies/ texts specific to your child's reading abilities. We have got the routines down and are ready to roll next week!


In Math this week, we focused on decomposing numbers. This means taking a number like 5, and trying to find all the different number combinations that can make 5, like 0+5, 1+4, 2+3 and their turn around facts. Here are some pictures of us using beads to help us figure them out. It is okay for us to use manipulatives like beads or counters for now. Some of us are already doing it in our heads! Next week we will look at the ways to make 10. This is called missing addend problems, ex. 3 + ___ = 10? They must determine what number when added to a given number will make 10. Another math challenge!


On Wednesday we began our weather and seasons study. We are beginning to learn how the seasons affect animals, plants, and people. On Thursday we began our study in our own room with Spring. Friday, they traveled to Mrs. Wilper's room to study Summer. On Monday, we will visit Ms. Walls and learn about Fall and then Tuesday will be to Mrs. Schlemper to study Winter. When we are done, we will come back to our room to write about our favorite season.

Caring Donations

We had an awesome turnout on our first week of donations for our care bags. Thank you soooooo much! Some items we are still in need of:

  • small stuffed animals
  • deodorant
  • combs
  • chapstick
  • gloves
  • dental floss

Thank you so much for helping to make this a special day.


We have 11 parents accessing SeeSaw. That is awesome. If you are not able to access it, can you let me know and I will try to find a way to help you see how your child is doing in class. Just let me know.

This Week We Got 10 Super Sticks! We get them when we are being super. we celebrated with some extra discovery time on friday. here are some pics from our extra discovery time and some fun we had earlier in the week

Check Out Our Christmas Tree!

I wonder (things to ask your child at home)

  • Can you name two different ways to make the number 6?
  • What is Spring weather like? What are animals like in the spring? How about trees? What do spring trees look like?
  • What changes with the trees in summer? What is summer weather like?

Snack and Share

Our snack and share students next week are:






*Please remember that we are a peanut free classroom. Check out the peanut free snack list for acceptable snacks.

Just a Few Reminders

  • As it is starting to get chilly outside, please dress your child in layers (jacket, short sleeves, etc.) Our rooms are warm and I don't want your child to be too hot inside and cold outside! DON'T FORGET A JACKET/COAT!
  • Please go through your child's backpack every evening to see their accomplishments and charge their iPad!

Specials Schedule for next week





Friday-Music Enrichment

Dates to Remember


3rd-17th Major Saver Sales

10th-Skating Party 6-8

14th-18th iWeek

18th-field trip to nursing home

18th-winter party @3:15