Causes of the American Revolution

Tyler Boyd (1763-1776)

The Navigation Acts

This Cause was one of the first causes of the American Revolution. The navigation Acts was a law that made colonists obey some certain Rules. Some of these rules had to do with England and buying and selling only to England.

The Proclamation of 1763

This Act/law was generally placed after Britain had won the French and Indian war. King George III didn't want any natives attacking on their land, so King George III set a law telling the colonies to not settle west of their borders.(east of Appalachian mountains) The colonists were not pleased; they fought a war, kicked the French off their territory, and lost a lot of men.

The Stamp Act 1765

The Stamp act was a tax on anything on paper. People didn't like this, but it was for paying off for the French and Indian War.