Ancient Greece

By: Raeleigh Schulte


My project is on Ancient Greece. My three topics are Life of Early Wanderers, Heritage of the Ancient Greeks and Slavery in Ancient Greece. Life of the Early Wanderers is about how and when settlers came and lived. Heritage of the Ancient Greeks is how the Greeks lived a long time ago. And Slavery in Ancient Greece is about slavery and what they did to the slaves back then. Enjoy!

Life of the Early Wanders

There is very little know about early Greek settlements. Some invaders possibly moved south along the Dunbue bringing their families and and goods in oxcarts. During Spring time, they would stop to plant and harvest one crop. They slowly formed communities, in one place, ruled by kings and elders. One of the groups, the Achaeans, had very good weapons and sang exciting songs. They had luxuries such as beautiful robes, jewelry and metalwork that they bought from Phoeician traders.

Heritage of the Ancient Greeks

The culture of the Greeks began before the city states and survived after they lost their independence. Some of the men seemed to live a life away from politics and wars during their time. The men lived in scattered colonies as well as the Greek peninsula. After the creative age, Greek artist and philosophers were needed in other colonies as teachers. Thats were they would share their knowledge that they learned from their masters.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

A large part of the Atheans population was not free. Two-fifths of that population were slaves. The slave labor produced most of the wealth for the Athean citizens for money to do art, learning and to serve the state. As a city was conquered, inhabitants were sold as slaves. An Athenian slave was paid for his work could also buy his freedom. But after they got out, most were sent in gangs to work in mines.


Researching Ancient Greece helped me learn how the Greeks lived back then. I learned a lot that I didn't know about before. My favorite topic is Slavery in Ancient Greece. I like this topic because I got to learn about slavery back then and how much its changed since then. There is a lot that has changed!


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