Henry (Hap) Arnold

By: Jordan Knowles

First United States General for the Air Force.

  • Born: June 25, 1886
  • Died: January 15, 1950 at his ranch home in California.
  • Graduated from West Point 66th in his class.
  • Father was a physician.
  1. First 5-Star ranked general in the army and Air Force.
  2. Taught to fly by the Wright Brothers.
  3. Wrote a book of his memoirs in the war.

His importance to the battlefield:

  • Made the B-35, and B-36 aircraft.
  • Built B-295 aircraft that dropped the atomic bomb.
  • Created plans for D-Day.
  • Fought and commanded in many WWI&WWII battles.
  • Taught soldiers how to fly aircraft in duty.