By Maecin Murphy


Did you know that one out of ten people have dyslexia? Yeah, it's that common. Dys means difficulty and lexia means words, but its not all that, It's a disorder in the brain that makes it harder to read write and spell than those without it. but it doesn't change anything about how smart a person is, for example, Albert Einstein had it, It's true! Keep reading to learn more about people who had it plus facts about this common disorder.Then you can see if you might have it...

What is dyslexia? - Kelli Sandman-Hurley

The good side of Dyslexia

people who have dyslexia are often creative,persistent and they can easily grasp new concepts. They can also see patterns that others don't see, and usually are excellent at solving puzzles. They tend to understand abstract Ideas, they are usually Holistic, and have strong reasoning skills. They don't get lost in the details and they are more inclined to think outside of the box. They usually have a great imagination and the ability to figure things out, but remember, not all of these apply every single person with dyslexia, their skills and their intelligence may vary.
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They often have trouble reading unfamiliar words and making wild guesses,because it is hard to sound out a word. Takes longer to read a page because they have to decode everything and they rarely want to read in the first place. They mispronounce easy words and avoids reading out loud . They think they're dumb or people say they're dumb but they are really smart.


Sadly, Dyslexia can't be cured. but some treatments may help. This depends on the specific area of disability computers and auditory books may help.
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famous people that had dyslexia

  • Albert Einstein-inventor
  • captain underpants writer- Dav Pilkey
  • Leonardo da vinci- painter
  • Pete conrad- astronaut
  • Woodrow Wilson- President
  • Whoopi Goldberg- comedian, actress daytime talk show host


  • auditory books- books that talk as you read it.
  • Holistic - see the big picture