Seventh Grade Quest Update

Week of October 10th

Philosophic Journeys Continue

Identity: Who am I?

We are continuing our quest (pun intended) to answer the question "Who am I?", and the philosophical conundrums "Am I the Same Person I Used to Be?" and "Will I Always Be the Same Person I am Today?"

To continue this journey, we took a look through the old yearbooks. Is Readington Middle School the same school it used to be? On the outside, it has grown, and it has even changed names. (See below: it was previously "Readington School".) Clothes and hairstyles have changed, and the demographics are wildly different from fifty years ago. Seventh graders marveled at the Rocketry Clubs (yes, plural) of 1968, and the junior versions of some of their teachers. However, its purpose of educating students is constant. Its history remains the same, just longer. Also, the local memory endures. Is that enough to warrant considering RMS the same school as it used to be?

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Some Videos to Help Us with the Philosophical Questions

Who am I? A philosophical inquiry - Amy Adkins
John Weldon's "To Be"


We are beginning to consider the legal implications of our philosophical answers.

How would a judicial system work in a society that believed people never change?

What about one in a society that people people are constantly recreating themselves?

Then, there are the legal implications of future technologies. We talked a little about the 2045 project (linked below) which aims to put a human into an "immortal" avatar by 2045. We also discussed the pollen of Robert Sawyer's "MindScan".

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Upcoming Project

Next week, students will come up with a metaphor or situation to show their opinions about these philosophical questions. They will create a multi-media presentation about their insights... so far!