Africa Problems

Problems facing Africa


Is when a desert grows in size and the lands become more arid. Then they typically lose bodies of water. Desertification is caused by human interaction. This creates a sharp decline in animals, and plants. Central africa is most likely to have severe desertification problems.


Overpopulation is when there is too much people living in a small space, and not enough supplies to have everyone survive. Central Africa is where most of the overpopulation occurs while north and south africa have hardly any if at all.


Apartheid is segregation in Africa. Apartheid means being apart. This was enforced by the National Party until 1994. Apartheid was caused by the British so they could have more authority over the natives, and was a serious problem in South Africa with the National Party.


The large scale killing of people, usually of a particular culture, or country. The Rwandan Genocide was used to eliminate the Tutsi because the president died and so they took actions against them for the murder.
Rwanda Genocide documentary

Civil Wars

The Civil wars in Africa can be traced back to when the Europeans left Africa, and divided up the borders as they did not account for some ethnic minorities in the region that are now struggling to be free.

The map shows instability in African nations, with yellow being mild, to red being high instability.

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Many people die in Africa from preventable diseases, such as malaria. Disease is the worst in West Africa due to the outbreak of Ebola in 2014.
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Lack of Education.

Due to the lack of education it can be hard for Africa to solve its problems, such as increased sex ed could decrease their outrageous aids/hiv outbreak that kills more people than any other disease in the Dem. Congo.

Rite of Passage

A rite of passage is a transition in life from one phase to another phase. Usually it is for childhood to adulthood transitions, but can be used for other phases partnerings.


Swahili is a Bantu language first used by people near the great lakes, and southern Africa , along with the west coast.
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Polygamy is having two spouses, two or more husbands and one wife called polyandry, or one husband and two or more wives called polygyny. Central, and Northern Africa practice, and accept polygamy.
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Is a branch of the Niger-Congo region there are 650 Bantu languages it is spoken by most of the population in Africa. Bantu is spoken in Central, and Southern Africa, not so much in North Africa.
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