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Upcoming Week: Reader's Workshop

This week we will continue with our book clubs. Kids are having a good time reading through the interesting characters inside their chapter books. They are discovering how to really think through what is causing characters to make choices and go through changes within the plots of the stories. They are writing questions for each other and holding deep conversations about the text. We will continue the meetings this week. The books will be done by mid next week. These are our last big reads of the year!! Wow, how did that happen.

We will also start reading together, I Survived The Joplin Tornado 2011. These are such interesting stories and build in realistic fictional characters with historical events. We will be plotting the stories events, character changes, and also reading some nonfiction reading on the true event. There are many I Survived books to choose from, so if you are looking for a good summer read this is a great choice to consider.

Benchmarking for end of the year is also happening. We are winding down the year, but are far from done with learning.

Our word study this week will be looking at words with silent sounds. Students will sort the words, discover patterns, and write sentences with words in context.

Upcoming Week: Writer's Workshop

We are having a Poetry Slam this Monday at 12:40!! If you are able to make it, please come and listen to students celebrating their writing of creative and fun poetry!! Each student has chosen one of their pieces of writing to present in front of everyone. We will project the poems and students will stand at the podium to present!!

We will start creative writing on Tuesday. This is always a fun way for students to create stories with fun and characters, exciting events and plots, and interesting settings. I am giving them the option of writing with a partner or by themselves. Some students have wanted to write with a co-author, so this is their chance! We will look at mentor texts that have creative characters, plots, setting, view points, and illustrations. So Much Fun!!

Upcoming Week: Math Workshop

This week and the beginning of next week will be spent finishing up on unit 9, which is all about multiplication and an introduction of division. We will continue to develop multiplication skills using partial products, identifying factors, and then looking at the lattice method. I will show students the lattice method, but we will focus on practicing the traditional method and partial product method.

When we look at division it will be talked about splitting equally. We will relate it to the fact families that go together with multiplication. This makes it much easier for students to understand the relationship. We will look at solving real life problems using multiplication and division.

We will end the year with collecting data and building graphs to show data. Students will build graphs online after they collect data, then answer questions like: What is the mean? What does the data tell you? what information can you derive from it?

Our Multiplication celebration will be the last Friday of school. I will be looking for some helpers this day. It will be at the end of the day (2:15 - 3:00). Each level of multiplication facts they pass they get further with their ice cream sundae. Keep practicing at home! Thanks!

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Content and Pen Pals

We are working on mapping skills be reading maps, but also by creating our own map of an island that includes a key, compass rose, lines of latitude/longitude, and geographical features.

** Students are also using time to research any topic of their choice that they are intrigued in knowing more. They have to create a driving question to drive their research and submit this to me. We are calling this Genius Idea Time. We have kids researching sharks and their sizes, firenadoes and how they form, how football became a sport, etc. See below for a graphic of the process.

We will also be finishing up our rocks and minerals unit with a visit on 5/25 from IMI. Students will watch a video of what happens at our local query, how rocks and minerals are excavated, as well as make cement of their own to take home. This is a fun on-location learning experience for the kids.

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Specials Next Week:

Library -Tuesday (This is our last week to check out and ALL library books should be turned in by the following Monday)

M - PE

T - Tech

W - Art

Th - Music

Fri - PE

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Have an amazing week!!

I look forward to a great week of learning together!

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