"Trail of Tears"

Jackson wanted to take the Cherokee's land in Georgia. He had heard that there was Cotton and Gold there. The Supreme Court said he couldn't but he decided to anyway. The Indians didn't want to fight back so they were sent on their way to Oklahoma.

"Spoils System"

Jackson took everyone that he had hired in the White House and fired them. Took in people he "owes". (Which were the people that voted for him). Jackson cheated into winning the election by telling others to vote for him and if they did, he would grant them a job at the White House.

"Killing the National Bank"

Jackson HATED the National Bank. He thought it was evil and unconstitutional. Jackson thought it was risking economic strength so, he decides to take it down. Another reason Jackson hated the Nation Bank is because there was a man that worked there that he had a person grudge against.

Jackson Political Cartoon

This picture shows "King Andrew Jackson". This picture represents that Jackson feels in charge and powerful. In the photo, Jackson is stepping on ripped up pieces of the Constitution. Which means Jackson does not like the rules and that he's obviously not going to follow them.

Dear President Jackson,

I Just can't believe you, Jackson! You moved us across the country illegally from our home that we had rightfully owned. We have built everything there that was where our home is and you took us and just moved us to a completely different place.

And don't even get me started on how bad this land is we can't grow anything it sucks!

THANKS, ALOT JACKSON! ;-( - Cherokee Tribe

Dear President Jackson,

Gee President Jackson, We couldn't be happier with the new land you took! and how you got rid of the Indians! They left the great land, gold, cotton, and all the good stuff! At least, now you've got something to do with Oklahoma, Man that place is awful. Just a formal thanks, President Jackson! :) -Soldiers