1936 Olympics

By Christian Chavez, English 8-2, Love, March 23, 2015

1st paragraph

Berlin, Germany

The 1936 Summer Olympics was a international sports event that took place in Berlin, Germany. It marked the second and final time the IOC would gather to vote in a city that was bidding to host the games. And it also marked the first Olympics to be caught on film.

2nd paragraph

Hitler used the Olympics to prove that Aryans was the "most superior" race than any other, And at the time Jewish people were being persecuted, and their homes were being destroyed. But Hitler's dream to prove his theory were turned on their head when an African American, Jessie Owens won 4 medals in Track. Owens wins were even more remarkable because they came when the U.S. was still in height of the Jim Crow era, and Civil Rights movement decades away. As for the Nazis, it soon came clear what THEIR real purpose was, and the reason they wanted to subvert the Olympics became obvious also. In less than two years later, Germany invaded and took over Austria, embarking the beginning of World War Two.

3rd paragraph

Conclusion, the Olympics affected Hitler by Jessie Owens winning 4 medals in Track, and proven his theory wrong. And it was made clear what the Nazis goal was. And by making their goals clear, Germany invaded Austria and starting World War Two.