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Region, who and why it was founded

Region: It is a southern state with very hot and humid summers but mild winters. Virginia has fertile soil with a lot of rain with the addition of bays, mountains, and heavy woods.

Founder: It was founded by the London Company and the Plymouth Company

Why was it founded? It was founded in the purpose of gaining wealth in hopeful gold findings.

Conflicts, Population of settlers and number of slaves, people in colony, and economy

Colonial Conflicts: Bacon's Rebellion is the most prominent conflict that happened in Virginia. Nathaniel Bacon and about a thousand other frontiersmen were angry about being pushed to the back country to search for their own land. They were also angry at governor Berkeley's nice treatment towards the Indians so they attacked the Indians and chased down Berkeley. The death of Bacon essentially stopped their rebellion and many of them were killed by Berkeley and his men later on.

Population: 87.8 thousand (1720)

Number of slaves: 292,627 (1790)

Typical person in Virginia: The typical person in Virginia was a white Englishman that brought along slaves to grow a certain crop like tobacco perhaps.

Economy: Virginia was largely driven by the growth of tobacco. Its fertile land really helped with the growth of tobacco as well.

Government, American Revolution, American Constitution, Primary Source, Interesting Fact, and Presidents from Virginia.

Government: Virginia had a royal government before and after the Revolution they were a provincial congress.

Role in American Revolution: Virginia was one of the 13 colonies involved in the American Revolution. There were also very important people involved in the Revolution that were from Virginia like George Washington for example.

Role in American Constitution: Virginia had many founding fathers including John Blair, James Madison, George Mason, James McClurg, Edmund Randolph, George Washington, and George Wythe.

Primary Source:

Interesting Fact: The first peanuts grown in the U.S. were grown in Virginia.

Presidents from Virginia: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson.