Enrichment Intersession Newsletter

Alice Carlson ALC: Rooted in 30 Years of Applied Learning

Clayton, Yes!

Clayton will operate a full day enrichment program during all 5 days of Intersession. Please see the flyer below for more details.

Science Enrichment

Alice Carlson is partnering with the FW Zoo to bring a science enrichment program to up to 40 K-5 students. This will be on 10/3, 10/5, and 10/6. Parents will drop off at the zoo beginning at 8:00 am to be greeted by the assistant principal, Sheri. Classes begin at 8:30. Parents will pick up at 11:30.

Art Enrichment

Correy will be running a program for 12 2nd-5th grade students at our campus. This fall's project is all about revitalizing our labyrinth courtyard!

Musical Theater Enrichment

Kids Who Care will be hosting up to 40 K-5 students at our campus for a music enrichment program. This program will last all 5 days of Intersession from 8:00-11:45 am.

Important Information

Enrichment Intersession will be funded by the district again this year. You will use the links below to register for the enrichment you would like to be part of. These forms are not currently available. They will go live at 6:00 pm on Monday, September 19.

Campus Logistics for Drop off and Pick Up

Students can enter through the cafeteria door beginning at 7:30 for breakfast. All other students can enter though the car line on W. Cantey at 7:40. Students will be lined up in the hallway by grade level and picked up by teachers at 8:00. We ask that all walk-up drop-offs come around the building to the W. Cantey entrance because we are less staffed during Intersession and campus safety is our priority.

Students will head outside to W. Cantey by 11:45. You can use the car line or park and pick up out front. This includes 5th grade and siblings for this week.

We are waiting on a bus route list from the district and will send it out as soon as we have it. For new families, the bus routes for pick up remained the same last year for drop off in the morning. The afternoon times were altered for our 11:45 end time. We are waiting for confirmation that this remains the case.