KhiYona Carson

Personal Biography

Hi! My names KhiYona Carson ,but my friends call me KiKi. I'm in 12th grade now at McDowell Early College. I am 17 years old. I'm a goth princess. I wanted to come to the Early College to get a better education and I believe I am. I have 3 siblings 1 girl 2 boys. My parents are Connie Carson she works here at MEC as a seminar teacher, and my dad Nakia Carson works at West Marion Elementary as the principal. I like to listen to music, draw, dance, and do Sudoku puzzles. I love helping others and I'm a caring person. I like to keep only positive vibes. Lil B is my role model and an inspiration and I pray to Lil B the Based God daily. To be based is being yourself. Not being scared of what people think about you. Not being afraid to do what you wanna do, being positive and swag too. I am a master chef level at cooking (a dance created by Lil B) .
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Academic Record

11th Grade 1st-

Eng111: C

Com231: C

Biology: C

Seminar: B

11th Grade 2nd-


Eng: B



Summer class-

Sociology: B

Goal Statements

Academic goals:
  • study more
  • keep up the good grades
  • make time for school work and study time
  • stop saving papers til last minute

Personal goals:

  • Work harder at home
  • Keep your room clean
  • make parents proud

Competency 2: Take responsibility for your own learning, plan for your future college and career, advocate for yourself, and persevere

This year I went to one of MAHEC's events this one in particular was for raising awareness and understanding health career opportunities to high school students who are interested in the medical field. It also increased the number of minorities and economically disadvantaged populations that choose health care training programs, which MAHEC has a healthcare training program, and healthcare occupations. MAHEC’s mission is to train the next generation of healthcare professionals for Western North Carolina through quality healthcare, innovative education, and best practice models that can be replicated nationally. This event was held in Asheville, they have many more events and programs also, and we went with my college biology class. Here they had booths up from different colleges and the separate programs like radiology, nursing, and sonography, which is all what I was interested in and there were people from the schools to answer your questions and talk to you about the different things. Each tables handed out pamphlets about these programs, how they worked, and the different classes you would take. Then after this we were separated into groups for the activities we picked when we signed up to go to the event. My first choice was "Leadership on fire" and in there we did an activity that helped us bring out the leader in us.

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Competency 3: Ask good questions, solve complex problems, and think critically/creatively.

In our MEC families we were given a problem for our Summer-bridge trip ours was Hospice and how its thought of as a bad thing and/or not enough people know about it. We worked on goals to achieve our mission which was to let people know its not a bad thing and to raise awareness. During family we all came up with things we could do to make this mission possible. Our ideas were bake sales, selling ribbons in November which is Hospice awareness month, and helping volunteer and volunteer at their big spaghetti dinner to raise money for the organization. We've had guest speakers come and talk to us about what Hospice really is and what they do.