The Titanic!!

Sets sail April 11 to New York

The best ship around!

The titanic is known as the "unsinkable" ship! If you come aboard, you'll have a safe and fun trip with many things to do such as shuffleboard, chess, and listening to the orchestra play!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd classes!

Your trip is made affordable!!

~First class passengers get the expense of $2,500 per ticket, with everything else paid for.

~Tickets for second class passengers only cost $60, with everything paid for.

~ All third class passenger tickets cost $40!

All tickets are made affordable, for you!

Titanic made just for you!!

The titanic is a large ship, that will be sailing to New York on April 11. This ship, is 883 feet long, and 92 feet wide, also weighing 46,328 tons. On the titanic there are a total of 10 decks, for all passengers and workers. All classes will get there own deck to share.

Please come join us!

Please come join us on our fantastic trip To New York on the titanic! We believe that you will have a fantastic time, traveling.