Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

Weekly Update

April 7th through April 11th

Hello Friends! We have had a busy week in Kindergarten! We have new flowers blossoming in our garden!! Also, we have some types of broccoli and sprouts beginning to really grow nicely as well. I hope we can have at least one more harvest before the end of the school year. In social studies today, we put on our cartographer hats! We all worked together to make a very large map of St. Pete! It was so much fun and we practiced our map reading skills. We all know that a map needs a title, date, key and compass rose. Our map is not to scale, but the kids loved seeing their homes and local business represented on our drawing. We spent the week learning about Earth Day and how we can help to protect our Earth. We read The Lorax, wrote about how this story has inspired us to help keep our Earth clean. The students can see the fruits of our labor in our garden and out on the playground when we throw away our trash. We are still working on telling time and addition in math. These skills and new strategies are coming along nicely!! Keep up the great practice work at home :)

Housekeeping :)

Next week there are only three school days. Spring break starts on Wednesday. I am not sure if there is after care, you all might want to double check.

The plan for Wednesday is to have lunch out on the field (a picnic) and then do our egg hunt and then school would pretty much be over for the day. You are all invited to the picnic and the egg hunt! I believe our room moms will be contacting you for any candy donations for the eggs.

Have a fabulous weekend!!