Instagram vs. Facebook

Two very similar sites: Each is for it's own generation.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is an online social media platform that allows users with an email address to create a page with photos, information, updates on their life, and link up with other users. Facebook initially launched in 2004 for college users only but eventually spread to everyone who wanted an account. The primary focus of Facebook is to connect and read other people's feeds, upload pictures for other users, and keep in touch with friends and family.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an online social media platform that allows users with an email address to upload photos and share them with other users who also upload photos. Instagram initially launched in 2010 as a photo and video sharing app. The primary focus of Instagram is to take pictures and videos and link them to other users and to other social media websites.

Internet Safety Activity

Facebook and Instagram Activity

Student's can be sent to both Facebook and Instagram sites, the objective of this activity to show the ease at which a student can find a person on Facebook compared to Instagram. 8th graders are under the impression they are unable to be found on their social media websites and that all things disappear from the internet when you hit the delete button. The teacher will tell student's that there is an assistant principal on both Facebook and Instagram who checks there content they post to prevent online bullying (we actually have this at our school). The teacher will ask the students to locate the assistant principals profile on both Facebook and Instagram using any search tool or keywords they know. With the way Facebook is set up, students will likely find the AP's profile within minutes. Student's do not use Facebook as often, however. Student's will also be asked to locate her on Instagram, which they will basically be unable to do as she keeps things more secluded and secretive on this account. Many student's are even friends with the AP and do not realize it. After student's fail to find the account, the teacher will show them who it is and see if student's are surprised how easy it is to be 'friends' with someone you do not know at all. For the purpose of this activity, an actual account that isn't used to monitor social activity should be established beforehand and used to complete the exercise.